LiveBlogging the Boston Snowstorm

Seemed like a thing worth doing.

At approximately 9:40 last night I got the BC-Alert that told us school had been canceled. As a result, I slept in this morning.

Waking up at about 10, I got a slew of emails necessairly canceling all the stuff that was supposed to happen at school today.

Snow began in earnest at around 10:40.

Posted below for your listening pleasure is the vaguely apocolyptic ‘Devil’s Work‘ off of Miike Snow’s excellent Happy To You from 2012.

      Devil's Work - Miike Snow

Check back for updates as the day progresses!

12:00 PM – BC shuttle shut down. Guess I’m walking to school.

2:00 PM – Ooops. Watched the first disk of Community Season 3 (thanks for the Xmas gift, mom!)

2:02 PM – Ethan Struby suggests this is the official soundtrack of the storm.

2:45 PM – Left for school. Took some pictures along the way:

3:30 PM – Arrived at school; MBTA officially offline for the day.

4:00 PM – Road travel is apparently banned now.

7:12 PM – Just got in the door. Walk back was sooooooo much tougher. Colder from no sun, trudging through anywhere from 6-12 inches worth of snow, and just mad craaaaazy wind! Spooky being on my normal path with absolutely no cars anywhere. Near Cleavland Circle I saw some people milling around. Bars are packed, and everyone seems in good spirits. Lots of dudes in snowplow trucks keeping busy. So far though, not a bad blizzard.