For those new to the Blog, or for long-time readers that are currious as to the Blog's history, this ABOUT page is for you. My name is Tom Hogan, and I've been blogging since the middle of 2002. However, my site has changed several times thoughout those four years, as has the content I produced. The ABOUT page seeks to chronicle this journey in order to demonstrate how the Blog has changed throughout the years.
(Before July, 2002)
I was always fascinated by the internet. Since the 7th grade I'd been making simple websites, predominately classifiable as fan-shrines, with basic features (links, images, tables, etc.) and little in the way of original content. I'm sure that somewhere there's a slew of Geocities, Angelfire, 50Megs, and Homestead sites with my name on them, and there's only one decent one.

One such fan site that I put a rediculous amount of effort into was Classiz Zelda. I look at it occasionally and it wasn't a half bad site. And to be perfectly honest, after 4 years of blogging, I sort of miss that reporter-esque "This Is What's Going On; Allow Me to Explain it to You" style of website. Having something to focus on rather was convenient, as opposed to me trying to connect the scattered occurances of my own life through some sort of underlying and nonexistant thread. In any case, I became interested in blogging during the summer of 2002 and soon I had one to call my own.
I was in the midst of my 'Adult Swim' Phase, and having been a fan of the Brak character for some time, I decided to name my blog after him[v.1.0]. What motivated me to do that, I never will understand, but as a result I was bound to him for the next four years. The initial idea was to chronicle high school from a Brak-oriented-perspective, but I quickly realized I wasn't clever enough to maintain such a parody-faccade for very long at all. As a result, that aspect was dropped, but I stuck with the name. Being young, and having a short attention span, I changed the name to 'Braker' [v.1.1]. This was a play off the blogging service I was using at the time, Blogger.

Probably the most noteable feature at this time would have been .brak//SIGN: my content repository at the time[v.1.1+]. I needed a place to keep all my images and extended rants that I'd created over time, and so I fired up an Angelfire account and started up loading all my stuff. This setup sustained itself for quite some time, until I was made an offer that I couldn't refuse.
Brak's High School Blog/Braker
[ver. 1.0-1.1+]
(July 24, 2002-July 21st, 2003)
The Brak Blog
[ver. 2.0-2.1]
(July 23rd, 2003-January 26th, 2004)
A friend of mine, Isaac Ahloe, who had recently purchased the now-defunct, offered me a subdirectory on his server. I jumped at the opportunity to finally distance myself from the advertisement-riddled world of free hosting, and become the proud webmaster of As a curtosy, Isaac set up a /blog folder where he installed the Greymatter Weblog Software, which I would come to know, love, hate, curse, love, hate, and love again (in that order) [v.2.0].

In addition to perl-driven blogging, I also had the ability to mess around with CSS (cascading style sheets), which allowed me to do some things, mostly orienting images, that would have been impossible with standard HTML alone. I was also able to run (I still can't write them, embaressing as that is...) small JAVA programs that allowed the ramdom-refresh banners at the top of the page. The server space was also more than adequate to house .brak//SIGN side-by-side with the new blog [v.2.0+].

Saddly through, this arrangement was not to last. Despite my enthusiasm for the project and uncharacteristic tenacity in updating, fate would not allow me to continue. Through some hiccup in the system I corrupted my archives index in Greymatter, which is responsible for storing all of the old entries. Isaac said he could fix this, and to some extent did, but soon after all of LandingClouds was shut down due to a bandwidth limit being exceeded. Even after this was corrected, a security hole was discovered in Greymatter that could be exploited by hackers (most likely the cause of our bandwidth issue), and so the core of Greymatter had to be removed from eveyone's site, mine included.

With no solution in site, and Isaac pulled away from webmaster duties by other, far more important things (he was, that's not sarcasm!), The Brak Blog stood in jepordy. I (correctly) assumed that LandingClouds would never fully return to it's former glory (may it rest in peace!), and decided it was high time I stopped freeloading and get my own website. With Sean's help, we found MidPhase hosting, and I quickly ordered the cheapest package and began work on the new Brak Blog.

During this time I had to operate out of an Angelfire account, posting not only the occasional 'real' blog entry, but also updates on the new site as well [v.2.1].
After a harrowing few months spent on the Angelfire temp. account, The Brak Blog with it's own '.com' extention opened for all to see. Already integrated was the .brak//SIGN content along with, after a frustratingly long manual transfer, all the entries from not only LandingClouds, but the Braker Year too. The format was largely unchanged from the LC versions, but everything was stable, for once. Things stayed this way for more than two years, the longest period the Blog has haver had without transition or re-design. This was good, as well as bad.

The fact of the matter was I simply wasn't focusing on blogging as much, and when I did it was something of a hassle. For a more in-depth look at this period of blogging, check out [Hey Buddy: A Retrospective]. In truth, the Brak Blog [v.3.0] wasn't much of a development or an advancement, but simply me getting everything in one place where I could easily manage it.

The only real devlopment came at the end of the Brak Blog's tenure. I went through and redesigned the main menu, adding the 'anthology mix' link, making an 'about' portal, deactivating .brak//SIGN, and revamping the Archives page a bit [v.3.1]. This marked the end of a long journey for the Brak Blog, but the site has been retooled in such a way that it will serve as a permanent archive, and won't be going anywhere for a long time.
The Brak Blog Dotcom
[ver. 3.0-3.1]
(March 23rd, 2004-July 24th, 2006)
Schrödinger's Blog
[ver. 0.1-1.2]
(August 14th, 2006-July 15th, 2007)
Anticipating the Brak Blog's enventual close, I began work in June on The Elevator Blog, an ambitious project that would chronicle my journey through college just as Brak had done for high school [v.0.1]. I had some sketches from the previous October of what I wanted it to look like, but upon execution, I didn't like what I'd made. Plus, I began to feel, like others I got feedback from, that the name was cumbersome and just not very good. I really tried to make this idea work, but it still ended up having a rather sloppy and forgetable feel [v.0.2].

So I started again. A huge brainstorming push yielded one promising result. I mulled it over for a day or so before realizing I loved it. The next day I registered, and began my work. Some tedious days and nights were spent physically moving the entire Brak Blog to a subdirectory without damaging the files in order to make room for the new blog that would occupy the index. The other major task was to build a content portal for new images/sounds/articles/etc., but also port in everything from .brak//SIGN. That being finished, the blog was nearly complete [v.1.0].

I spent a lot of time getting the new blog up-and-running becuase of some trouble with Greymatter. It was not cooperating. After a few discouraging nights though, headway was made, and I was able to post small filler entires to check entry-appearances, as well as program the archvies page [v.1.1]. So here we are, with the polished and final (for now) version of Schrödinger's Blog, ver. 1.2. There's a lot more to come, but for right now, just expect me to do my best to get back into the swing of posting regularly. Please stop by often, and comment! I love the feedback.

As always,

-Tom "the moTH, Topher, Radiskull" Hogan
August 14th, 2006
[ver. 2.0]
Onward and upward! I'd like to say that the first major improvement came in the name of the betterment of the blog, but it did not.

Greymatter crashed in some sortof freak accident, wiping out the core files that allowed me to update, but thankfully leaving the archives intact. Worried that this would happen again, even if I preserved the archives, wiped the old blog, and started new one, I decided it was time for a change.

The transition to the WordPress engine took only about 3 days total for most of the major work, which is saying something. Granted, the stylesheets were already put together for the most part, but learning a bit of PHP and constructing a custom theme was no small feat.

Now it's up though, and running fairly well. I'm sure it'll be tweaked some more over the next few weeks, but with an engine-change, some bandwidth-light nav. buttons, and a new banner set, I'm comfortable saying we've officially progressed to Schrödinger's Blog, 2.0.
Schrödinger's Blog
[Version Updates]
(July 15th, 2007-Present Day)

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