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12/24/2003 Archived Entry: "Bad Day"

Yet another noteworthy day. And because I'm writing this at 12 o'clock in the AM, it'll be like an early Christmas present... that nobody wants...

To boot, last night was strange. The internet broke, and I knew I was getting up early, so I just took my shower and went to bed. At 12:30. Something new and different for me. Anyhow, it proved useful enough. I got up at about 15 till 7. FIFTEEN 'TILL SEVEN. ON MY OWN. Today was jacked right from the start.

So I'm sitting around, waiting for the day's plans to develop by magic, because god knows I wouldn't get off my own ass to do any of the work. During the sitting I watched the crazy movie called 'Roommates' with an old man that moved in to stay with his grandson. I forgave the weirdness factor because A. Jullian Moore is in it (Schwing!) and B. The old man was actually really funny. Finally, I get the call from Lizz at about 8:30 that we're on for movie madness. Score. I go, tell my half-awake parentals that I'll be gone for the day, and return to the weird ass movie.

In the span I was gone, the old man has a heart attack, lives, young guy marries Jullian Moore, Jullian Moore dies, and the old man and the young guy are living together with Young Guy and Jullian Moore's kids! Jesus H. Tap-dancing Christ... No wonder they only show this stuff early in the morning.

Finally Lizz shows up; late, because she manages to get lost again. Whatever, I let it slide because she provides me with company, entertainment, and transportation. Halfway out to wherever the hell she lives, she informs me that we're going to the South American Coffee House; Aight. Sounds good. Turns out there is a squirrel that lives there, and Jill had packed it a sandwich. We found the squirrel [Thomas, no relation] and fed it the sandwich. Dear god it was the one of the better moments of this month... the little furry thing coming, and stealing away part of the peanut butter sandwich, and then taking little squirrel bites... I almost died it was so mushy-good-vibes...

Afterwards we finally make it to the humble abode of Lizz, and the mad movie-watching-extravaganza began. Somehow, she's managed to live 16 years without seeing some of the most essential in awesome films. In order to make up for lost time, we compensated with the following onslaught of rad-ness:

  1. Ferris Buller's Day Off
  2. Wayne's World
  3. The Breakfast Club
  4. WarGames
  5. Donnie Darko

Hell yeah it was awesome. The vast majority of the day broke down like this:

We made it though Ferris Buller and Wayne's World without a hitch. Except I had to take a piss twice due to the gallon [not even kidding] of water I drank last night. Honestly, I do not have the bladder of a hummingbird, I just dig on the H2O. Then we took a slight break to go eat tangerines and the parentals returned with sustenance from Taco Bell (my favorite provider of greasy, Americanized food). With pseudo-Mexican food ready to be consumed, we started up the Breakfast Club. 1 hour, 32 minutes, and 2 Chicken Quesadias later, we were down to my last contribution: Donnie Darko. However, it was still light out. Donnie Darko, as the name implies, must be viewed only after the sun has set.

In order to have something to push us over the twilight hour, we needed one more movie. So off to the library it was. There we got WarGames, because although both of us had seen it, it is a badass movie, and therefore deserved to be watched among the other pieces of awesome. Upon returning to our alcove in the basement, to our horror, we found that the skaters had invaded! *Twilight Zone Theme* *screams forever*

SIDE NOTE: Lizz's brother (John) is a skater. He has skater friends who frequently 'hang out' at the house. Message to said persons, and all other related skating parties:

That being said, the skater kids weren't bad. Lizz laid down the smack, and told them to leave, and they did. Except one. After finally getting up, the kid asks me if I have a condom. Wow. So many things I could have said here...

Of course though, I respond with the ever bland, but always successful, "No thanks, I'm good." After the ass hole runs off raving about unprotected sex, we finally get back to the movie. WarGames is always a good time, but we somehow managed to talk through the entire thing. About what, I do not recall, but that's irrelevant. It was time for Donnie Darko.

Donnie Darko is on my list of best movies ever. It shares the top slot with Star Wars. THE top slot. I've watched this film with quite a few people, some who shared my opinions, and others who did not. A lot of people watch it, scratch their heads and say 'huh', and decided they don't want to get it because they suck. Then we have the others who are grossly intrigued by it, and immediately demand an explanation after it ends. Luckily, Lizz fell into the latter category. After explaining the nature of Tangent Universes and the like [if you don't understand, or haven't seen the movie, call me. We'll do lunch.], it was time to take Tom home.

Ah-ha! You thought it was over?! You were sorely mistaken. After a little convincing of the parents of Lizz, we talked them into letting us go to the party of one Sarah Stites. Which... we did. For about 10 minutes. We went and saw Struby, and then left, off to Suicide Hill. Here we took a brief moment [must have been 10 minutes] to lie on the uncomfortable playground equipment, look up at the light-polluted-sky, and muse on the wonders of the universe. It was like some kind of weird relapse into the 70's; sans drugs, of course. Once we were both frozen right to the bone, and then some, I get the bright idea to go to Loose Park; but not before swinging by my house and checking in with the 'rents.

In order to do this though, we have to escape the zoo of the Plaza. I somehow had us going up a one-way street [the wrong way] as Lizz repeated her mantra of "Shit... Shit... Shit... Shit..." as we dodged oncoming traffic searching for a more friendly street. Finally, we're out of that mess.

Back home we park out front, and I call them from the phone. Apparently I was supposed to be home at lunch [at the time of the call it was 9:45]. Well this is fucking news to me! After about a 5 minute chew-out session, my dad tells me Lizz's parents called and that she was apparently without licensing. Wonderful. I'm all of a sudden smacked with a 10:30 curfew in light of the lunchtime truancy. So where do we go?

Loose fucking Park. Where it's cold. Horridly cold. After getting the license mess sorted out [kind of] we get back in the car. It is now 10:00. We're both already in hot water for the aforementioned reasons, so I could only think of one place to go: The Kansas City Institute of Art. We parked the car there earlier this break for the museum-fun, so for some reason I felt drawn. So, we get there, park it in the utterly deserted lot, and sit jamming to REM for a good 20 minutes as interject mini-rants about how I hate my home life.

Finally, it was time that I got home. Saying farwell to the Art Institute, we begin the long and winding road home. Coming down the home stretch of Warnall Rd. "Bad Day" comes on... and it was just like a moment. The semi-perfect day gone horribly wrong because of minor fuck-ups. Agreeing that this would be our last adventure for a while we said our good-byes. In the driveway I took a polaroid 'cause I knew this would be a story to remember. So there you have it.

In actuality I don't think I am in that much trouble. The family was uncannily nice to me, and helped me wrap Christmas Presents. It's almost... too good to be true. I'm still waiting for the ball to drop [EG: you are not allowed out of the house for the rest of your natural born life], but I get the feeling it won't be too horrible. Lizz on the other hand... I've yet to hear from. Wish her luck...

Merry Fuckin' Christmas, Cowboys.

Replies: 7 Buddies Neglected Their Oral Hygiene

...really? you have some? hm...

Posted by A//egra @ 12/27/2003 03:47 PM CST

"Here, I bought a few extra.." *reach in pocket* "You like flavored?"

Posted by sean @ 12/25/2003 12:58 AM CST

I want your life. It sounds tangent.

Posted by Josh @ 12/24/2003 05:24 PM CST

haha. hahahaha. ha.

Merry Christmas, Tom!

Posted by Allegra @ 12/24/2003 03:44 PM CST

Tom....I haven't seen any of the movies mentioned in there....heard of....several...but ive never actually seen them...poor lizz!!! and wow!! ur parents are lienant!!! awesomeness...sorry i just realized i used too many ...'s and !!!'s I'll refrain Anyway we still need to work on New Year's that is - IF we're still doing something hasta

Posted by Becca @ 12/24/2003 02:02 PM CST

I was on one of those horse-drawn Cinderella carriages at the plaza last night (it wasn't my idea). I might've seen you.

Posted by Gina @ 12/24/2003 01:07 PM CST

"what's a condom" would've been the best response.
"a condom? singlular? bitch please"
"fuck off"

Posted by ethan @ 12/24/2003 12:37 PM CST