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12/20/2003 Archived Entry: "Don't You (Forget About Me)"

Shit yo. Today was the best day I've had in a good many months/years.

[NOTE: The December 19th entry was actually pretaining to December 18th, and this entry, labled December 20th, is actually about December 19th. If you can follow that, you get bonus points on the test at the end of the hour.]

I've had quite a few people ask me what I did today. I promptly responded in true Buller-esque style,

A better question would be what didn't we do.

I got myself cleaned up and ready to go around 12-ish, and Lizz came over at 12:30; and lo, the adventure began. Decked out in dual-shirt style with The Coat and my sunglasses, I climed into Joe the Batmobile for one of the most amazing days ever.

The original purpose, as you probably know from the last entry, was for us to go and plaster the town in Brak Blog stickers. Spread the word and all that, you know? But in order to do that we had to actually get some stickers first. Hank was gracious enough to print them off the night before, and leave them in the care of his parental. After a fair amount of fractured dialogue with Hank's bewildered dad, I got the envelope containing the Brak Blog stickers. W00t.

Upon re-entering the car however, I realize that its lunch, and I haven't eaten in 12+ hours, so we go for sandwhiches. And not just any ol' sub, but Mr. Goodcents. I totally dig that place. Lizz, being the absurd mass of incompetance that she is, had no idea what to order, so I told her to get the same thing. She did, but when it got the the lettuce/mayo/other-random-condement questions the Mr. Goodcents people always ask, she magically knew exactly what she wanted. Psh. Whatever. After food we hopped back into the car and pondered our next move.

For some reason 'art gallery' popped into my head. Nanoseconds later it popped out of my mouth [being that I say any and all things that come to mind, without any sort of filtration or restraint], and so off to the Nelson we went.

Luckilly enough, today was a free-day. Free stuff makes the Tom-Budget-Committee happy [The Tom-Buddget-Committee being a group of 40-something cranky old men I keep in my basement]. We saw just about everything there was to see. From the Tibetan Sorcer's apron and horn made entirely out of human bone, to the reconstructed cloister couryard, up to the American dude who had the special exibit deal. Funny thing being he was an American artist that spent the vast majority of his life in other parts of the world... [WEIRDO] As we were leaving, this lady comes up to us and asks if we're interested in taking a survey. I didn't respond, and Lizz said yes, and then the lady asks "Are you both in the same household." *insert Tom and Lizz laughing* The hell we are. That would either make us married [which we're most def. not.] or sibblings, which would be an entertaining lie to persue. After the survey, we walked back out into the Art Institute parking lot, where we probably weren't supposed to have parked.

When driving away from the Nelson I decided now would be a primo time for a little bit of shopping-mall action. The obvious choice being Ward Parkway, home of the deceased-Software ETC, 'Dick's' Sporting Goods', and 'Tar-Ghetto'; that's right, we're so damn punk it hurts. Anyhow, I was with Ethan one time when we found the greatest place ever. You can get onto the roof of Ward Parkway via the parking garage, so naturally I made Lizz jump through figurative-driving-hoops to get there. But it was worth it, totally. There's never anyone up there, its always totally deserted. This is where we slapped up the first sticker, being the logical folk that we are.

Again defering from what would have made sense, we went into Dillard's. Of all the stores teenaged-people might want to go in the mall, we went to fucking Dillard's. Why? Because that store kicks a large part of ass. Upon entering we found the ever-popular collection of single-letter-monogramed-paraphernalia sitting there, just begging us to spell out lude words. We could only find enough things to spell out 'A-S-S' in water-bottle-covers, but it was worth it. Following that:

Lizz: "Tom, you rock."
Tom: "I know..."

Mind you, she's going to deny that later, but it really did happen. Then it was all the way up to the top floor where we tried out couches. We were on a particularly comfortable one when the sales lady sneaks up behind us and says hello. Being the spazz I am, I practically fall off the damn sofa. The lady was nice to us, and we talked about how my house could never fit a couch as big as the we were sitting on, and Lizz rambled on about her christmas tree. Whatever. Dillards got boring after that, so we left Ward Parkway.

After sitting through a green turn light, and thoroghly pissing off the 3 cars behind us, we decided to go visit Ethan the Whore-mongerer. I say Ethan the Whore-mongerer because he wasn't home. Damn him. Oh well, we were having plenty of fun without him, so the adventure went on. I decided that the rubber crab I had in my pocker should live in Lizz's car, so I tapped him to the dash. Merry Christmas Lizz.

After I kinda-sorta got us lost on backroads we found ourselves across the street from Loose Park and almost out of gas. At the moment I couldn't think of any close gas stations, so I had her pull off into the parking lot for Loose Park. Important Fact: Lizz has never been to Loose Park before, so instead of sitting there and letting me think of where we could find gas, she gets out. Knowing Lizz can not be left alone for any span of time, I follow suit. After about 10 minutes of mindless frolicking about the park, we arrive at the pond. The frozen pond. I stare at the ice... needing, longing, lusting... Lizz says something to the effect of "I'm not going to pull you out if you fall in", so I decided against trying to see if it was safe to walk on.

We go over to the little bridge, and halfway across I get the bright idea to throw something heavy at the ice and see if we could break it. Lizz grabs a beer bottle off the ground, and I tell her to thow it at the pond [we were away from ducks, so you animal-freaks can cool your jets]. She does, and that sucker hits the ice and glides. It fucking glided from about the middle of the pond, and went about 10, maybe 15 feet, so that it was amazingly close to the other edge of the pond.

We both just give eachother a look, and start running for the the other end of the pond. Upon arrival, and to our disapointment, we find the bottle stopped about 3 feet short of the edge. Just out of arms reach. "Find me a stick Lizz", and she did. The sitck however, was long but skinny, so more leverage would be required to drag in our bottle. If you know anything about simple physics, you would recognize, as I did, that the only solution would be to edge out onto the ice, where our stick would be more effective.

"Lizz, grab me." At which point I thrust my arm out to her, and set my right foot onto the ice, cautiously. Ever so gently, I begin to ease my weight onto the frozen mass... easy... easy does it...


From where my foot was, a crack shoots out across the pond maybe 6 feet. It was a big motherfucking crack. After flinging myself into Lizz, back onto non-frozen ground, I realize A) how close I was to falling in [Lizz couldn't have possibly held me from falling in, and even if she could, 20$ says she would have let go], B) How awesome me almost-falling-in was C) How god damn stupid I am. We gave up on the beer bottle and retreated back to the car, not before slapping a Brak Blog sticker on the lightpost, however.

Upon entering the car, it dawns on me that I still have no idea where the hell we're going to get gas. In a second epiphany, I realize there are 2 stations right next to my house. So off we go. The 3rd thought in my sequential series of enlightenments was that I've never purchased gas before, and I've only seen my parents pay with a credit card [which Lizz does not have]. Normally I would have said "To bad," but she wasn't going to be able to get home on what was left in the tank, so I sacrificed myself on the alter of dignity and went inside the gas station and asked the nice man working there:

"How do you pay for gas with cash?"
*inaudible mumbling*
"This isn't pre-pay."
"So we just come in here when we're done filling up?
"Thanks" *runs back outside*

When we finally got to a pump, it was then that I noticed the 'Pay Inside' button on the key pad. Hurrah for me being a moron and not checking in the first place. 10.01$ and 5 minutes later, Joe was all juiced up and we were ready to go. Saddly though, it was 5:00-ish, and Lizz's dad had just called telling her to come home. Back at my house, after programing my phone number into her phone [lest she get lost] and making damn sure Lizz knew how to get home [so as she wouldn't need to call], the adventure was finally over.

So yeah, as I said before, today has been possibly one of the best days of the whole damn year. Random adventure is possibly the greatest thing ever, and today is proof of that. For a different take on the days events, refer to [Lizz's Blog]

After being informed by my mother that I was home 3 hours late, I sat down and watched some well-deserved television [I haven't gotten this much excercise since freshman gym class]. The movie of today was Thick as Theives, staring Alec Baldwin. He's my favorite Baldwin. The movie itself was written fairly well, and the subject matter was not very appealing to me, but the directing was really good. If I directed a film, it would be done like this movie was.

To finish off the day's events, I have a quote of me being clever... again:

xTearsofaPhoenix: hmm. I have lit two candles, one in my room and one in bathroom
xTearsofaPhoenix: i wonder which scent will prevail: vanilla or pine forest?
Daemon1330: probably whichever one burns down your house first.

Props to Gina for setting up the perfect punchline.
Props to this Cowboy for being a such witty son of a bitch.

[Note: I use Lizz's name a grand total of 22 times, counting the instance in this sentance. Why? 1. Because this entry was all about the stuff I did with her today. 2. Becuause it has two Z's... thats 44 Z's in this entry alone!]

Replies: 6 Buddies Neglected Their Oral Hygiene


gina gets blogged about, and with all of the alleged cool things /i've/ done, i have yet to be mentioned in the blog?

my life sucks, man.

by the way, i missed four days and i'm confused and behind on all these events. that sucks.

Posted by Allegra @ 12/23/2003 06:40 PM CST

damnit. *same sentiment as ethan* that sounds so much better than my wasted day of, well, what did i do that day?

i have a desire to go tag the plaza with brak blog stickers...those dirty rich people just HATE vandalism...heh heh heh...

Posted by sean @ 12/21/2003 12:13 AM CST

Montogelike adventure can not be planed, it's just impossible, so your not being home shows your unpreparedness and therfore your unreadiness for spontaneous fun.

Posted by Lizzzz @ 12/20/2003 06:14 PM CST

Ha. Ha ha. Thank you for displaying my mad skills at setting up punch lines. Do I get a prize?

Posted by Gina @ 12/20/2003 05:00 PM CST

you bastards.
had i known you wanted to do something, I could've gone with you.
But I didn't know. So I went shopping instead.
Next time, tell me beforehand, or something.

Posted by ethan @ 12/20/2003 03:52 PM CST

You went to the Nelson without me? You guys suck! I could have freaking given you and tour and a lesson on the history of art. from at the Early renissance to impressionism. Thats at least 1,600 years of art i could have told you about...I bet your sorry now!

Posted by Kate @ 12/20/2003 03:38 PM CST