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12/19/2003 Archived Entry: "Dyin' In Your Arms Tonight"

The following entry was written from Dec. 18, 10:40 PM - Dec. 19, 12:25 AM.

My clothing smells like burning wood. I'm not even kidding. It wouldn't be half bad except with every whiff I catch, I'm reminded of the burning sensation in my eyes... but we'll get to that.

To start with a brief observation:

Brittan Spears hearkened the downfall of culture as we know it.

...Baby One More Time
Released: January 12, 1999

This falls correctly in with my claim that 90% of post-late-90's music stuff has been ass. Anyhow, we can see that it was all downhill from there. Late-Ninties now pretains to Jan. 1, 96 - Jan. 11, 1999. It = Good. As do the early nineties and the entire decade of the 80s. Even some selective stuff from the 70s-60s was not half bad. Boo for modern crapola though.

So right. That snow day a while back, I was NOT supposed to have gone anywhere that day. Apparently my mom told me this when she woke me up that morning. Of course I did not retain that information, so I went out and had a grand old time. First Adam lost his hubcap to my vicious street, which I'm convinced is out for blood. [It's the only street in the entire god damn city that has yet to melt.] After which we went for indian food which was mondo good. Then there was mindless loafing at Sarah's house, followed by sledding.

Sledding wasn't to***[see end of entry] bad, but I didn't have our bad-ass sled that I use to amass ownage on the other sledders, so I only went down a few times. Afterwhich we met up with the Incredible Hank, and returned to Sarah's for more mindless loafing. Then Hank and I went down to blockbuster and got the Pirate Movie. Great flick. To finish, I go home and get chewed out by my p-units on how I wasn't supposed to leave the house. Whatever... I do what I want.

In the true custom of my debate/forensics records we need to turn in, as so we actually have a grade in that class, I did a musical one. I got this addapter so I could reccord guitar mania into the computer on my shit-for-brains soundcard. The song itself is not good at all, but it's here for your amusement anyway:

The Performance File Blues

Then we have the Sion Winter Formal. 1 word: Motherfuck. I'm now aware of why I'm inclined to be anti-social, or at leaste recclusive: I can't dance, and I hate the supposed 'dancing' music. It wasn't all bad. The 8-Dollar pizza I had at dinner was good, and eating donuts at Krispy Kream [Kreme? Who the hell cares.] at midnight was entertaining. Especially because there were other people there for donuts in the middle of the night. Then they gave us 6 free donuts. Just out of the blue. I was suspecious, but Sean dug right in. I'm not going to venture saying it didn't mess with him, because with Sean, its just to hard to tell what is natural, and what is caused by a poisoned donut.

We also had the pleasure of going to a Chiefs game that weekend. Chifes laid down the smack on Detroit. Only problem? It was cold. Very cold. You don't know the cold like I do... I forgot at one point that I had feet. And I only remembered because one of the 40 billion fuckers that make you get up so they can get to the aisles stepped on my foot. Chiefs won though, and actually seeing the stuff happen is really amazing. And I don't really even like sports all that much. Later on I asked my mom why we were like the only people there who were like insanely cold. She replied to me simply with:

"Well, you know fat's an insulator." [Thank you, my mom, ladies and gentleman.]

And now we arrive at the bitch of all bitches [And take my word for it, I know some mean bitches]: Finals Week.

For a whole 4 days we're subjected to 7 rigorous tests that we're most likely poorly prepared for despite hours upon countless hours of studying. I find it amusing how lightly I've taken the tests, in comparison to the fact that they're worth 20% of our grade. Meh. It's just school, and worrying about it is futile. I figure if I can't pass the final with 4 months worth of class and 2 hours of hardcore reviewing, then I don't deserve to pass because I'm just to fucking stupid.

That brings us to today and its massive-fun events. After school, a whole slew of people came over to my house for the 3rd installment of the Tom/Laura/Becca movie night. Except today we did it during the day, and Ethan and Sean were there too. But after todays events, Ethan and Sean are no longer allowed. There were to many 'tap'-vibes with them and not enough movie, them being the perverts that they are. Somehow we made it through Sixteen Candels and Signs; both excellent films. I'm pondering the nature of the 4th session of movie night, and I'm thinking Donnie Darko. Hell yeah...

After I finally got them-all out of my house, it was time for my guitar lesson. I'm learning Jingle Bells with an asskicking bass riff in the background. [You know you all want to hear it.] Then it was off to the debate par-tay. Props to Lizz & Family to providing me with transportation A) Because I'm way the fuck out of their way, and B) because Lizz has some of the most entertaining parents out of the batch. Plus the Stick, but I don't feel like explaining the Stick.

The party itself was cool. My own personal gift transactions [these won't make sense unless you're a debate nerd on the Miege Squad... I guess that narrows it down a bit...] included my "I PEW Oceans Commission" T-Shirt I made for 'The STRUBY' [which is what he wrote on his card that I drew]; and my Camera from Loreley. Because of that one time on the DeSoto bus. I'm stoping now because inside jokes are ass.

Anyhoo, after gift-giving, there was marshmallow roasting over the open fire. And by open fire I mean real burning wood, uncovered, outside, where there is wind. I kept getting smoke in my eyes/nose/mouth, and it hurt like no other. So now I reek of burnt wood and my eyes are constantly shifting in and out of focus. Hank has graciously printed off more Brak Blog stickers, and Lizz and myself are going crusading to put them up in public places tomorrow. Wish us luck. Knowing me, we'll need it.

This cowboy appologizes for 2-Weeks sans content.
But he also says you should get the fuck over it.

***When proof-reading this sucker, it actually read "...sledding wasn't 2 bad..."
You can tell its really god damn late when I revert to lame-ass internet word-substitusion.

Replies: 9 Buddies Neglected Their Oral Hygiene

Lizz you totally said "I HATE FAT PEOPLE. THEY MAKE THE ROOM COLD. [insert more reasons lizz hates people with weight issues.]"

Posted by Kate @ 12/20/2003 03:31 PM CST

*orally produced guitar riff*

and it's a message board..again!

and yeah, but it was /ten/ percent /ethan/.

Posted by sean @ 12/20/2003 12:54 AM CST

I never, never, said that fat people suck! You are twisting my words, which is not cool. And I don't always talk in capitals, your exaggeration insults me.

Posted by Lizzzzz @ 12/19/2003 08:36 PM CST

Hey im with becca you guys are just jelous wanted becca and i ....and becca donnie darko is like the best movie ever made.....

Posted by Laura @ 12/19/2003 05:20 PM CST

I think Sean and Ethan are just uber jealous of our coolness that we have movie nights so much!!! What's Donnie Darko? And what's with the excuses guys?! You know you just wanted Laura and I SOOO bad!! haha!!! Ne way....I love you guys!!! We had too much fun and Tom....my mom sister and I LOVE your house!!! its ADORABLE!!!

Posted by Becca @ 12/19/2003 05:16 PM CST

dude, that was 90% sean.
it won't happen again, i promise.
i guess it wouldn't happen again if I didn't come along, but c'mon.
we were all loopy after finals anyway.

thanks for the shirt (it also smells like wood smoke. I slept in my clothes because i was really tired, so, yeah, my bed smells like wood smoke. fwee.)

oh, and lizz: There's a difference between "they're not cold because they're fat" and "FAT PEOPLE SUCK AND I HATE THEM BECAUSE THEY MAKE EVERYTHING COLD"

Posted by ethan @ 12/19/2003 12:52 PM CST

I don't understand the Performance File thing. But ok.

Krispy Kreme! Yeeess! *punches air with fist*

You know you liked the music...well, ok, for like a fraction of a song with that electric guitar impression...yea, that's what I thought.


Posted by Gina @ 12/19/2003 12:47 PM CST


poisoned taco bell... yeah, i'm pretty sure that's what caused all that "behavior"...

I guess that means it's fine if I come over to watch donnie darko, right?

Posted by sean @ 12/19/2003 11:23 AM CST

Ha! I'm not the only one who thinks that bigger people make places colder, because they are naturally warmer!
I'm not even sure if that made sense, but now no one can ever make fun of me again

Posted by Lizzzzzz @ 12/19/2003 11:03 AM CST