2007: The Year in Musical Review

So this year saw the advent of the audio function really swing in to full gear, which I’m pretty excited about. I always titled the posts with the intention that listening to these tracks consecutively would provide some sortof insight into how my life was changing, or simply how I felt at any one moment.

This year, I started so late that there’s only enough for one “album” worth of musics. Next year, hopefully there will be two, but we’ll see. There’s truthfully nothing new here, just all the music of the year located neatly in one place, with the addition of the artists’ names.

If you’ve got questions on any of the music, or the artists, please don’t hesitate to ask.
For some additional thoughts on music, please check out my Top Five Albums of 2007.

Loverboy – Working for the Weekend

Radiohead – Jigsaw Falling Into Place

Interpol – No I in Threesome

Stars – Midnight Coward

Electric Light Orchestra – Twilight

The New Pornographers – Use It

Radiohead – My Iron Lung

Yoko Kanno and the Seatbelts – Piano Bar I