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08/01/2003 Archived Entry: "The Beds Are Burning"


I'm taking care of my neighbors dogs. I've come to realize I hate dogs.

I also realized a stunning similarity between the dog food and my breakfast sereal [Ethan says it's spelled cereal. I think Ethan needs to die.]. More on that later.

Explination: I decided to try a random blatent lie to see what kind of response I got:

superneato323: how old r u
Daemon1330: im a 33 year old woman living in new york. how old are you
superneato323: can i rub ur giner

[everyone im this fuck and warn him and stuff. he deserves it.]

and now, this:

e l strubY: awww.
Daemon1330: *smack*

Cowboys hate dogs. Like old yeller. What the hell was up with that?

Replies: 1 Buddy Negelected Their Oral Hygiene

I like dogs. Dogs are cool. Kitties are cool, too. I wish I had one. Maybe I should ask the tooth faerie for one... or perhaps Santa!

ps. I love the brak blog. I don't know what a blog is - but brak is cool. Why did they take "Space Ghost: Coast to Coast" off the air anyways? BUMMER!

Posted by Katherine!!! @ 08/02/2003 12:52 AM CST