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08/05/2003 Archived Entry: "Blueside"

Well, hello all. We have a great blog entry in store today.

Actually, its the same dog crap you've come to know and love, so here we go:

As of recent I've had the pleasure of visiting Googlism. It's an excellent site that yeilded excellent results. When I searched 'Tom Hogan' I recieved the following:

tom hogan is president of information today
meaning I know everything. and I've been this president thing forever. so I'm always right.

tom hogan is to be put out?
Elton John: 'Like a candle in the wind...'

tom hogan is so unreasonable
news to me

tom hogan is planning to switch her to the
super-mega premium plan full of crap she doesn't need!

tom hogan is giving advice to any young promising forward i am sure he will stress the importance of taking goal chances
That's what I want them to think

tom hogan is adamant his charge is capable
My what to the where to my huh?

tom hogan is not happy with the arbitration decision that reinstates two prison guards initially
you damn right I'm not. i think.

tom hogan is pursued by jefferson birch
stalker. go away. I'm taken. I gave the martians first dibs.

tom hogan is continuing with the board in a public relations position
meaning I am now president of information AND the public. bow down and stive to provide for my every whim.

tom hogan is happy
when mean people are beatten to a pulp

tom hogan is is an associate professor in the school of medicine
*pours bag of M&M's into prescription drug bottles*

tom hogan is the doting dad of first child emily katherine ann
oh FUCK. this is most definatly not good.

tom hogan is managing his farm in a way likely to bring him to poverty
psh. fools. I will run my farm with my public minions and my limitless information. poverty my ass.

tom hogan is lying on the floor
naked in a pool of his own spit

tom hogan is in a rumpled gray suit looking disinterested
because the world has ceased to interest him and gray suits are just that cool

tom hogan is out of town until monday and could not be reached for comment
*answering machine beep*

tom hogan is wearing his tapestry tie
because it looks stunning with my gray suit

tom hogan is respected by his peers
or else the peers will be crushed by an INFORMATION OVERLORD. i mean... overLOAD. yeah...

tom hogan is currently applying for a full
bucket of cow blood so he can reinact that one scene from Carrie

See how much fun that was? Maybe next week we'll try just 'tom is god of everything' and see what we get. Or you can just visit my cult-I-mean-Newsgroup at alt.tom-is-my-master.news

NewsFlash: My life now has meaning! I finally beat the damn computer at 3-D pong. Bass in your face computer. You can't compete with this kind of skill. 474 to 298. I want to see someone beat that. Try your hand at this great game. There is a link on the recomended pages page. This page can be found via this path: Go to the 'Welcome to the Blog' page, then at the bottom click the 'This Way For More Fun' link. There you'll find a page with a lot of fun stuff that you should see. Including the pong game.

woo. lastly, I'm adding several new images to the crazy refresh banner at the top. 4 to be exact. First one to find them all gets to send me their idea for a crazy banner tagline, and I'll probably make it into one! Exciting contest! Get going children!

*sigh* So that's it. please enjoy the afforementioned activites. I'm going to go eat Cheesy Chex Mix now, cause thats like, what I do.

Yeah, I play cowboy pong too.
Except in cowboy pong we use bullets.
And the loser usually doesn't get a re-match.

Replies: 1 Buddy Negelected Their Oral Hygiene

I am *so* neglecting my oral hygiene to read your blog, tom. And I continue to read more and more webcomics. I am such a loser. I'm leaving now...

Posted by sean @ 08/11/2003 10:01 PM CST