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08/12/2003 Archived Entry: "My Sharona"

Update! This didn't exactly justify a new entry, so I tacked it at the top of this one. We have a new audio clip, produced by M30 Productions and combining the musical tallent of Ethan 'Fucko' Struby and the J-Rock band The Pillows, we bring you...


[If you can't play it in the window...
right click and do all that fancy 'save target as' jazz...]

Today we went places.

In the morning I got my teeth cleaned by my mother. She says I curse like a drunked sailor, which is probably true, but I got her back by accidentally gleeking her. Boo-fuckin-ya.

Plus at her work they have these intra-oral camera things. Its this little teeny tiny camera that has incredible magnification. I put it on my shirt and you could see the knit pattern... I put it on my eye-ball and you could see the bloodshot-ness. It was rad...

Then we went to Taco Bell. I freakin love Taco Bell. I always get a number seven (Chicken Quesadia and a Taco) with no lettuce on the taco. I hate that stuff... Anyhoo, it comes with the size drink that you get the little game piece which is always a loser. This summer you can win free gas from Taco Bell. That's funny... I always win free gas from taco bell, no mater what the season. [Jesus I am good....]

After that little fiesta we went to K-Mart. On the last topic of smells, I love the smell of K-Mart. Not wallmart, not kohls or anything else, just the smell of the K-Mart we go to. Its a good smell. I got another pair of headphones, which will be broken in a week, I promise. But for now, im pleased with them. Also, while my mom and sister looked at pillow shams for 10 minutes [pillow shams! 10 minutes!] I entertained myself by ballencing a lampshade on my head. I did it for 10 minutes too, without having to grab it or dropping it or anything. I just meandered around the store with it on my head.

When I linked back up with my mom and sister I came to a stark realization: We're the kind of people you run into at the mall/shopping place, and they're so wacco-annoying that you feel awkward just being around them and want them to leave. That's totally us.

Then I drove us all the way from K-Mart to Prarie Village. I'm over my fear of car-driving. I take great delight in screaming things like 'That's right, you yield to me bitch!'. Watch me get hit while yelling that...

We went to the Gap. I got a new belt, I'm thinkin ok, new belt. Thanks mom, now my pants won't fall off. Good deal right? WRONG. The belt cost 30 freakin dollars! 30! That's nuts. I tried to make her take it back but she wouldn't. I also saw a bitchin coat there that I really want. I seldom obsess about clothing, but this thing I want. It was a really sweet coat. 60 buck. For a coat. Now thing about that: To the dickheads at gap 2 belts [strips of leather with metal fasteners!] are worth the same as a coat [lots of layers of cloth with MULTIPLE metal fasteners!]... I just don't get it.

So... that's todays story. It was lame I know, but here's my little perl of wisdom for today:

Daemon1330: I personally don't have my life planned past age 30. I figure if I make it that far, I'll just keep doing the same thing cause whatever I've been doing has worked...

[PS: Yesterday was a comment record. Lets keep them coming... damnit.]

There's no point in caring about cowboys.
They definatly do not care about you.

Replies: 9 Buddies Neglected Their Oral Hygiene

moTH, (that's Tom backwards, followed by H.),
I was thinking about this, and I've decided that the two of us need to start converting people to the Gospel of Techno. Not because Techno is good, because it's just fantasy metal with a funky beat, let's face it, but because it'd be fun to go door to door in suits, saying, "Have you accepted Techno into your life yet, ma'am?" and then taking the suckers' money, and taking advantage of all the pretty young girls (not their money, though), all in the name of Techno. Ethan Struby sucks a big one, but everyone loves him for it. Well, that and his hatred of Alex Foard make him loveable.

Posted by Rockford @ 08/16/2003 09:34 AM CST

i've been informed that i was mistaken in my j-pop comment.
regardless, the point still stands.
"you don't know about something pointless and obscure, ethan. you're such a rube."

Posted by fucko @ 08/15/2003 01:05 PM CST

i love you guys.

Posted by hank @ 08/14/2003 06:33 PM CST

i'm sure my lack of knowledge will bite me in the ass someday and i will be abandoned and have no friends because i am unfamiliar with jpop.

Posted by fucko @ 08/14/2003 03:11 PM CST

Ethan doesn't fooly or cooly. It makes him sad... He also has no idea what FLCL means.

I'm totally making a shirt someday with 'FLCL' on the front and 'Bet ya don't know what Furi Kuri means...' on the back. ^_^

Posted by Tom @ 08/14/2003 02:08 PM CST

Shut the fuck up? what?

Posted by very, VERY upset fucko @ 08/13/2003 06:40 PM CST

didn't know you were an flcl fan tom... actually, I didn't know ethan was either. awesome. doing much fooly cooly? I know i am...

Posted by sean @ 08/13/2003 05:35 PM CST

Then next time do it yourself, fucko.

Posted by Apathetic @ 08/13/2003 04:04 PM CST

the backing track was not death metal-y enough and didn't fit the lyrics.

Posted by very upset fucko @ 08/13/2003 01:08 PM CST