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08/16/2003 Archived Entry: "Ride On Shooting Star"

Wow. 16 people a day. That's absurd. I don't even know that many people...

Well, today is nothing monumental, but its something, and please bear with me... I'm beat...

Yesterday I was kidnapped. Strangers showed up at my door and I didn't have pants on. I went and put some pants on and opened the door. Who are these people I'm wondering... Then I remembered I don't have alzheimers and recognized my kidnappers as Sarah and Adam. Say hello to Sarah and Adam kids...

children: Helllllo Sarah and Adam.

[This is going nowhere and fast.]

Right, so then after that I came home and took a shower. I think a lot in the shower, just because there's not much to distract me. I'm looking at the stuff in the shower... and all of a sudden AHHH! Something in my eye... it burns! Get it out! I come to realize its shampoo. I know now why they make 'tear-free' shampoo for kids. The hard stuff hurts like hell!

In my freakish confusion I also steped on the drain. Thus closing the drain. While I struggled to get the inferno of shampoo out of my optical intake valve, the tub began to fill. [We have a tub/shower combo deal. That's right, I said it.] So after my eye is all cleaned out, I realize I'm standing in about 2 inches worth of water. I opened the drain with my foot [monkey style] and it took like forever to drain out, but after that.. I completed the standard shower protocol.

I got to thinkin though... you have to be careful. What if you had like... a fish-tank shower, an enclosure that was completely sealed. And you like hit your head on the tub or something and fell on the drain... It'd just continue to fill until it was full and then you'd be all drowning and stuff. And the door wouldn't open because the pressure would be way to much, so you'd be like screwed. I guess that's why they don't make fish-tank showers.

While I type this I have my cordless phone sitting on my desk. The antenna is this little plastic nub. Not like... brittle plastic, more like a ruber-plastic deal. Anyhoo, I'm chewing on it... yuck. Good thing no one else chew on the phone antenna.... or do they?! *screams followed by induced vomiting*

I guess now is as good as any to talk about the party that was Cousin Fest 2003. Ever since 1999 when my cousins Michael and Dan moved into their house, there's been party-like get-together called 'Cousin Fest' in which all the cousins [we number around 10] just hang out.. binge eat, and play board games. Well, this year it wasn't looking to good. Cousin Fest 2003 was the cousin fest that almost wasn't. So I made the call. The call that saved Cousin Fest 2003. I used a red telephone and everything, it was so bitchin'.

Due to the short-noticed-revival of cousin fest, when all was said and done, there were only 5 of us there, but it was better than nothing. We actually did not sleep. At all. I saw the sun go down... I saw the sun come up. A game of Lord of the Rings risk with modified rules does that to a person... So that's my story for today, but we had a really good time. Plus I finally got one of my summer goals done. Which was to pull an all nighter. Plus, we're scheduleing Cousin Fest 2003 Round 2 which will be better organized and feature more drunken sailors. Or maybe just more drunks. Sailors are hard to get in the Midwest.

Now we're going to talk about l337. [Please forgive todays entries complete and utter lack of continuity] If you don't already know l337 is this crazy language where you substitute letters with numbers and symbols that look like words. IE: l337 = leet = e'lite' That kinda thing. Anyhow, I noticed the other day there are multiple dialects of this very odd 'language'. For Example you can have Sub-Leet: Did it bite j00? [j00 = you]. There's also Semi-Leet: 1 d0n'7 7h1n|< s0. [I don't think so.] And the every-varying (Com)'Plete-Leet: 0|-| |\/|y 90|> 17'5 |3|33|>1|\|9! [Oh my god it's bleeding!].

See how insane that is? Lots of stupid morons on the internet [mostly preps with geek-parents] speak some form of 'Plete. All the time. I would personally find this annoying, as you have to decrypt everything they say. Myself, I prefer light-semi or just sub... for fun, not for annoying other people. So, todays homework assignment: Give l337 a try. It will r0><0r you. Or maybe not...

Speaking of nerdy stuff... how about that Sonic the Hedgehog 3? Still my favorite game ever, second only to The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. But that sonic... wow. I could play that game over and over. Today though, I decided to try something different. I only used the Tails character. [Normally I go with the sonic-tails combo]. In addition to the came being a lot harder to beat with him [mainly bosses], took me 4 hours... as the casual player, he has no Emerald Bonus. With sonic, you get all 7 emeralds, 50 rings, jump in the air *boom* you're yellow, 5x faster, and invincible. Totally sweet. I'm thinkin wow, I want to see what happens to Tails in 'hyper mode'. Guess what happens?

NOTHING. I spend 4 hours of my life trying to find these damn 7 emeralds and beat the game... what is my reward? The standard sonic 3 ending I've seen a good 25 times... So now I'm tired and kinda frustrated, and my hands REALLY hurt, so here's the blog for you 16 weirdos that come here every day...


We also did some paint-ball target practice at cousin fest.
Cowboys excel at any fire-arms related activity.

Replies: 5 Buddies Neglected Their Oral Hygiene

"Cowboys excel at any fire-arms related activity."

i do.. does that mean i'm a cowboy?

Posted by isaac @ 08/19/2003 02:00 AM CST

f this! The little vertical line thingy doesn't show up in 'you' or your! It was supposed to be YOU wash YOUR- hell forget it.

Posted by sean @ 08/18/2003 01:42 PM CST

_00 \/\/45- _002 -4(_)2 70/\/\? I had no idea... the bloggerific blog has some new stuff going on... I'm finally using real html...

Posted by sean @ 08/18/2003 01:39 PM CST

Your exciting life makes me jealous in a sexy Japanese architecture FLCL sort of way.

Posted by J @ 08/18/2003 12:27 PM CST

I didnt realize hoe EXCITING and PEROILIOUSIS your life is Tom! It's amazing you are still alive! Uh... Ahem... Ok, I'm done.

Posted by the hankalator @ 08/16/2003 06:04 PM CST