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08/20/2003 Archived Entry: "Gel"

Alright. Movie time in just a bit, so I have to make my bad jokes quicker than usual.

I've been having some body issues as of late. Not like... my left arm fell off, but of that general nature. Problem number one would be my hearing. I think I'm going deaf. For some reason I think people mutter a lot. And I'm always like 'say what?' Because I just can't... understand. I dunno. And also when I walk into a room where my sister is watching TV, I'm always turning it up. And she gives me the 'why the fuck'd you turn it up?' look. And I feel stupid. Maybe I just like my movies and TV loud.

Then there's my toe. I've gone to great trouble to make sure I'm never wearing sandals around anyone I know. [Aside family, but they don't notice me anyway, so its good.] Why? I have this nasty thing going on on my big toe. It's like... growing all wrong and cuting the skin and ew ew ew. It's nasty. Now you all know my toe-secret. So don't say I didn't warn you when you ask me 'tom can I see your gross toe thing?' hmp.

So yeah, those are my issues. They SUCK.

Last night, I stayed up until 4 watching Lord of the Rings. Rock on, I'm that cool. So whatever, the movie ends, I clean up the mess of food I'd made, and all of a sudden, this giant cricket thing crawls across the carpet. I spaz, run and get a jar and some cardboard. I catch the sucker and throw him outside. I'd done the exact same thing this morning. I hate crickets. Then I had a nightmare that they came and ate me and layed their babies in my cranial cavity. It was horrible...

And right now, as I typed this, this chick calls on the phone from the bloodbank. Right, my mom gives blood, whatever. I say she isn't home and my dads on business. The lady asks if I can donate. I say I'm not old enough. She says am I at least 17? GOD DAMNIT NO WOMAN! I AM NOT 17 AND YOU CAN'T HAVE MY BOOD SO GO AWAY YOU CRAZY WENCH- *click* oh yeah....

Last but not least, I had this great idea for a movie. It's called 'Mint'. The premise is that the only people the goverment trust to work at the U.S. mint are these scared, timid, hard working people that are just to afraid of losing their jobs to ever try and steal anything. So mr. Ted Zerose works at the U.S. mint. He pays his taxes, it's all good. Except his social life begins to go to crap, which makes him kinda snap. All of a sudden he's this crazed theif, and he plans the biggest monetary heist in the history of everything. I hope that one day I can actually get the means to make this movie.

That's about it... School starts soon, so I'll have plenty more to bitch about soon.

Kowboys Konsume Krypton Krunch.

[It's in the 1981 DC Heros Cookbook. You know you wish you had one...]

Replies: 3 Buddies Neglected Their Oral Hygiene

Hi...Tehehe...I've never responded to this before. I'll go swing some clubs madly around now.

Posted by Paula @ 08/21/2003 01:42 PM CST

mint sounds sw33t. it should be made. I imagine it as being a lot like office space.

Posted by sean @ 08/21/2003 12:05 PM CST

i was contemplating the themes of flcl, and the following swished through my head:

swing the bat

drink the ones with pulp

vespa drivers *are* truly insane/
avoid their guitars

if she's got a boxing glove on a spring between her legs, it's not worth trying to get

hentai is much better left parodied than watched

some wrinkles are better left unsmoothed

call me naota, dammit

i am not my f-ing brother

sean out-

Posted by sean @ 08/21/2003 12:02 PM CST