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11/06/2003 Archived Entry: "All the Way to Reno"

Ho pans. Shout out to Rachel Klem.
[For the love of god, nobody ask.]

This past week has been rather disappointing. Since the last entry things have been less than awesome, and I was kinda in a rut. Today though... things were very, very good. Once again, I won't bore you with the gory details of the when's and the where's, but since they were so good, I decided today was as good as any for a blog.

Let's start things off on a KatieFritts note: The KickWar. For those of you who aren't in the know, Katie and myself are in a constant state of trying-to-kick-eachother's-asses. Quite literally. It's her turn right now, and she'll undoubtably get me, but I'll get her back eventually, and so on and so forth. It's a destructive cycle. One that puts my "cute ass" (Struby, 2003) in jeapordy. Oh, the humanity. [Blatent lack of exclimation point at the end of the sentance... in case you like... missed it or whatever.]

So the other day, me and my mom are going to the gas station to fill up the car, you know the deal. We get there, and there's all these kids from whatever school is currently renting Bingham. [School in brookside used by other schools while they renovate or do whatever.] Only thing was, these kids were complete ass-holes. They were holding open the door to the little convenience store, and the manage dude was getting pissed. Then one of them comes and knocks on my moms window:

Can I have a dollar?
No, I don't have any cash.
Umm'kay.[Walks away]

Psh. ok, whatever, except he comes back, and knocks on my window.

You got a dollar?
No, I don't have any money with me.
Maaaan... I need a dollar for the bus!
-Non-Sympathetic Look- [Kid walks away]

Five minutes later, back at my window again:

Look I know you got a dollar.
NO! I don't have a dollar. I don't even have my wallet!
I need one for the bus!
Sorry kid, can't help ya.

He walks away, and starts horsing around with one of his friends that was holding open the gas station door. His friend throws him into the front side of our van, at which point I yell:


We proceeded to leave the gas station as fast as humanly possible so as to not get into some kind of gang war. *audible grumbling*

Next up is Mr. Call. I LOVE Mr. Call. He's the craziest, oldest, most senile sub bishop miege has the service of, and he's totally awesome. Today in history, 2 girls walked in seconds after the bell rang, and he stands straight up yelling and pointing:


*sigh* He also frequently makes up words including, but not limited to:


Both of which he claimed to be invented by him, but are actually both real words. In addition, he also lets words slip. Fun words. EG:

"I hate it when people are loud. Loud people are one of the things that drives me ape-shi-. Ape."

"You never know with an old far- *coughs* person, like me."

Mr. Call, we sallute you. You make all the oppressive things about Miege alright with your crazy antics and lack of focused attention.

In addtion to crazy teachers doing even crazier things... how about that Mr. P? Today he was rambling about this paper, and it mentioned Frank spielt ein Kassette. [Frank played a cassette]. He then goes off on this big tangent about how people don't have cassettes anymore, and how before there were cassettes, there were magical things called '8-Tracks'. Thanks Mr. Provencher... this is all news to me. Anyhoo, he finishes up with telling us that he has an 'Aerosmith' 8-track. AEROSMITH! 8-TRACK! Two very odd things in one convenient package. Excellent.

Last night my mother and I tried to fix a broken pair of glasses with a soddering iron. Needless to say, it didn't work, but my hair did smell like sodder for the remaining 5 hours before my shower. MMM'm good. Campells. Only Not.

To finish off the day, in religion, the day we had mr. call as it so happens, Matt Jenkins wrote possibly the best thing I've ever read:

No one can tell you what to do, but that doesn't mean people aren't watching you (santa).

Cowboys can't give you a dollar for the bus;
but they can cap your ass for knocking on their windows.

Replies: 10 Buddies Neglected Their Oral Hygiene

spongebob is totally on right now.

Posted by dundun.dundun.dundundundundundun.racheltheshark. @ 11/12/2003 03:59 PM CST

Damnit, I thought I would be the only one to figure that out. Now I don't feel so smart...*sniff*

Posted by sean @ 11/11/2003 10:13 PM CST

I must say that ho pans is one of the stupidest phrases . . . ever.

Oh Snap backwards? oh snap isnt even clever.

Posted by Tim Martin @ 11/11/2003 09:01 PM CST

It's... genius.

Posted by J @ 11/10/2003 04:27 PM CST

Can I have a dollar for the bus? No, really.
see you later space cowboy.

Posted by Faye @ 11/08/2003 11:29 PM CST

I knew titter was a word. Your teachers sound like a hoot.

Quote at the end is great.

Posted by Gina @ 11/08/2003 04:21 PM CST

okay, this teacher sounds like a kick in the ass. (no pun intended) also sounds like you had a fracking blast at the gas station. i've got a great story to tell you about some doods that came up to me at walmart. you'll love it.

cya, cyber cowboy (who caps people's asses)


Posted by the bishoujo! [i can't think of anything witty] @ 11/08/2003 12:26 AM CST

we had mr. call as a sub in grade school! he is the best sub -ever-

Posted by amy @ 11/07/2003 01:28 PM CST

Wow. I liked that one. Wow again.

You know what? I was playing a men at work record. Another example of the aforementioned weird+weird= great. Yeah.

*kick*kick*kick* Ha. I got you.

[it's "histeronics," actually.]

Posted by sean @ 11/06/2003 10:34 PM CST

mr call came up to me because i was singing in religion (wow, what a suprise, hank? singing? randomly in class?) and we had a little conversation:

Call: "You know, I have the urge to kill adolecent boys."

Me: "Hahaha! Well, go ahead!"

::Call pulls back fist::

Call: "It doesnt count if your eyes are closed, right?"

Me: "Haha, no, swing away!"

::Call misses, slams desk::

::short pause::

::he walks away::

Posted by uh oh uh oh uh oh uh oh HANK. and all that jazz @ 11/06/2003 08:58 PM CST