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11/14/2003 Archived Entry: "All Over You"

What a messed up week. Does the word 'disoriented' mean anything to anyone?

Case in point: things have been noteably strange. That being said though, I've only been taking notes on blogable stuff for the past 2 days, so todays entry will be mildly limited; regardless, here you go..

I noticed the other day that I've really begun to piss off my friends. Not like being outwardly mean, but being absurdly cynical. Not normal cynical... we're talking hyper-cynical. I was unbelieveably sharp this week; my powers were so out of control I could have made ANYTHING look stupid. They're going to kill me for it, but I have 2 specific examples:

Sean was worried that going to see the play would not be enough time to become aquainted with this group of people we were supposed to meet. So I open my big mouth and say:

Well, if you'd like, after the play, we can go out for fruit smoothies!

At which point Sean tried to strangle me. Good job Tom.

Earlier that day in english class, I enquired Ethan how much tickets to the play were. He told me they were 6 dollars at the door [where I'll be buying them]. I then started ranting about how that's to much yadda yadda. At this point I was seriously kidding. Ethan goes off though about how it costs a lot to put on a show, and about how the dressing rooms don't even have rooves and all this jazz. So after we sit down I raise my fist in the air, and rub my right thumb against my right pointer-finger, yelling:

Hey Ethan! Do You know what this is? It's the worlds smallest violin playing "My Heart Bleeds for You".

At which point Ethan gets up and tries to slap me. Multiple times. Once again, good job Tom.

Now to switch gears, later that very same day I was at the Target [pronounced: tar-zsché (you know, all french-like)] and I was browsing the toy aisles as usual. When low and behold, a well groomed, causually dressed male of about 25 strolls down the aisle. Wow, I think, I bet this guy thinks I'm a dork. To my suprise though, he starts looking at toys the same way I do. Checking behind all the rows, looking to see if there's any weird or really good stuff.

And that was when it dawned on me: This is me in 10 years. I'm going to still be scoping out the toy aisle when I'm 25. Hell, I'll be there when I'm 50. It's insane to say, but it's probably true.

So right. I fall asleep to music cause my brain is always hyperactive and I need distractions to do anything for an extended period of time. I finally figured out why this is, or at least I think I have. Everyone knows REM sleep is the deep, good sleep when you get hyper-rested. But before you get there, you kinda have wussy sleep where you're still partially awake. What I've found to be the case is that I am more awake then asleep during this period. I recall very distinct times when I remember EXACTLY what point I fell asleep. The memory doesn't fade off, it just ends; by this I've concluded that I just kind of get sleepy, sleepy, and drop off into REM sleep. Hence why it takes me so god damn long to truly fall asleep.

Anyway, I fell asleep finally, and I woke back up 'cause my ass was twitching. And I'm drowsy and confused by the ass-twitch, when I realize that the ass is twitching in time with the music! How strange is that?! I thought it was odd.

I have always known I am totally lacking in eye contact. I just never really establish it in a conversation. I can always look sideways at people, or act interested in a wall or a floor or something, but today Laura Thomas just outright said: "You never make eye contact." Heh, the rumors are true. I don't. Sorry if it offends your or whatever, but it makes me feel all weird so no eye contact. Hence my long bangs and undying love for sunglasses.

Random Awesomeness: End of the World

I also have an incredibly defficient memory. That's why I have to write EVERYTHING down because if I don't, I will NOT remember it. Example: Before lunch Mrs. Edmonds was having us discuss something in class. I said something halfway intelligent and she's all "Ooooh. That gets you a Snicker's Bar." So I'm all whatever. Cool. Then we go to lunch. I get back from lunch, and there lies the Snicker's Bar on my desk. But I just stand there... wondering...


I couldn't remember for the life of me what I said, so I just took the candy bar and was content.

Tom is sharp as a rusty daggar.
Cowboys are as sharp as ninja swords. MAGIC Ninja Swords.

Replies: 11 Buddies Neglected Their Oral Hygiene

i bet mrs. edmonds wont remember what you said either. cause shes like that.. in the way that she forgets things.

Posted by someone you may or may not have pissed off in the recent future. if that doenst sum it up for you, im optimus prime. transform, tom, and roll out. (actually its just your friendly nieghborhood hank. all that other stuff was a lie. except the you may or may not have pissed me off part. the world may never know.) @ 11/23/2003 10:02 PM CST

whoa, i havent ever heard anyone besides my cousin katie say "wally world"

Posted by rachel @ 11/23/2003 08:12 PM CST

Update you jerkface...

And I mean tonight!



Posted by sean @ 11/23/2003 06:24 PM CST

gina, what are you SAYING? i cannot understand you. you change subjects almost every other sentence.

i'm a samurai. be afraid, be very afraid. *pulls out katana and blinks amber eyes*

Posted by Allegra @ 11/22/2003 05:03 PM CST

Look at my xanga homepage! Just look!

Pronouncing Target all French-like ROCKS!! My family always does that. And Wally-World, of course, but Target is *much* better.

"...become acquainted with this group of people..." ?? *cough* Oops, sorry, I'm infecting Sean...

Posted by Gina @ 11/19/2003 08:47 PM CST

Well, I'm still using a service. The real anti-tool is Tom. He's completely third party. If I were a Daimyo among you Samurai, he would be my Shogun. Or something like that,,,

Posted by sean @ 11/19/2003 04:35 PM CST

wait wait wait. alan noel? as in...alan noel? as in the alan noel i know that went to queen of the holy rosary for a number of years and then went to Antioch Middle in eighth grade? as in the guy that -everyone- at my grade school hated and the guy i got paired with to do all these projects, because the teachers knew that i could pull together a decent project on my own?

please say it's not him.

ps. i find it insanely amusing that everyone's "homepage" is www.xanga.com/... when we all know your hatred for xanga. (well, everyone's but sean's that is...) i desided to follow this trend. ^_^

Posted by amy @ 11/18/2003 05:39 PM CST

i know what youre talking about, sean. i hate that feeling.

Posted by rachel @ 11/16/2003 01:24 AM CST



Oooh, I hate him, whoever he is.

Posted by Allegra @ 11/16/2003 12:06 AM CST

You know what's just about as weird as when you remember falling asleep? It's the feeling that you're being yanked backwards right before you lose conciousness. I'm sure someone knows what I'm talking about...but it is freaky. Quite.

I've woken up before when I was dreaming about swimming under a layer of ice, and i couldn't breath, to find that my face was mashed into my pillow, suffocating me. But I don't think my ass was twitching. Weird though...hmm...

Also: You know who's getting a katana? Alan Noel. There is no justice.

Posted by sean @ 11/15/2003 05:47 PM CST

Amy and I checked your blog when we got to my house after the play, and when we saw you updated, simultaneously said, "YESSS!" It was priceless. So, anyway Thomas, did you have fun last night?

Gosh, those two remarks you made (yes, the ones that almost got you killed) were so funny. When you first told me, I almost died. I especially liked the violin one...hehe.

I browse the toy aisles too! Oh gosh, and you /always/ have to check behind other toys, because there /could/ be something better back there. I feel better now, because I had no intention of growing out of mini-sized gundams and action figures.

Odd... I have to fall asleep to music too. But my bum doesn't twitch...

Snickers bars = yum

<3 /\1139R/\

Posted by Allegra @ 11/15/2003 03:57 PM CST