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12/02/2003 Archived Entry: "Half Light"

Today's is the first post using a new revolution in Blog-Effiency. [I can't spell, I know.]

It works as follows: Whenever a random thought or idea that sounds blogable strikes me, I drop it in a little notepad document I have on the desktop. It's helpful for when I'm to lazy to grab a pen and paper... [My apathy has accelerated to new-found heights. It's horrible...]

First up, I'm going to have a State of the BlogNation address. And a much needed one at that.

We've got a number of issues to address, first of those being this artsy linking crapola. It's got to stop. Back in my day, when the internet was pristine and free of morons, URL's looked like this:

Still with me? Good. Later on, when we all felt we had a handle on the whole concept of a URL, the linking of websites progressed to the more casual:

Satan's Playground
Ok, thats wonderful. We're still fine and dandy. Even this would be within reasonable boundaries:

Boy I hate that one website.
It's all contextual. However, I draw the line at:

Gee, something smells like ass.
Not relevant, at all. ever nohow. Everyone is doing all this fancy ass stuff with some metaphoric phrase, and the key-word being the link to whatever shrine to themselves they have set up on the 'net. Even THAT could be fine, except EVERYONE and their dog is doing it. I mean its progressed to the point where thats just how you do it.

Maybe I'm being nit-picky. Maybe I'm not. But even if I am, it pisses me to no end, so I'm going to make damn sure you all know about it. Stop doing the same thing! It stunts creativity and encourages things like conformity; which neither I, nor Mrs. Edmonds, nor Henry David, can stand for. So stop it, because I say so.

Lets move on to the fact that blogging is yet another internet playground polluted with morons. Remember when you used to find websites with plain text, and a few graphics where needed, and maybe a little multi-media action when deemed needed? Well I do. And that day is long gone. Now we have little Tiffany with her 'My fav pics of Christina Agulara' with some giant collage of everyone's favorite pop-culture slut, and some shitty-ass MIDI blaring in the background. OK, fine. Take the websites.

We still had blogging. We being those of us who stand in the name of content. We still had our nerdy little journal system where actual thoughts could be posted! And that was cool! We were all content... and then, then came the Xanga.

I do not really hate Xanga. And if I ever said I did, I'm sorry. What I really am truly frustrated with is the fact that they've given little Tiffany a place to talk about her Christina Agulara obsession. Not only that but they made it so easy that even little Tiffany's friends in the Christina Agulara fan club can post their thoughts.

Lets take a good look at computers, and the internet, whatever. When something new was developed, its generally complicated. But people who are smart enough can go the extra mile and do something great with it. But the second it reaches the 'moron' level of simplicity, we find ourselves overpopulated with a ton of valueless shit we DON'T NEED.

THAT'S why I hate xanga. Because one by one, the frontiers of righteousness and value and content are being conquered by the morons and the weak of mind. Mind you, the simplicity is good in that we hear some people we might have otherwise known existed, but still. You have to look at the damages it incurrs as well... And I don't even really have a problem with stupid people, let them do their own thing as long as they shut the hell up. [Note: when I say stupid, I mean the feeble minded, those who can't or won't think for themselves. I do not hate you if you can't hook up your stereo or configure your network. Not at all. Not yet anyway...]

*sigh* Wow. Talk about shitfest '03. I had an entire 'nother schpeel about music to real off, but I think that's enough about Tom bitching about social injustice; for today anyhow.

To continue with blogs though, apparently there is a task force of moms, hell-bent on reading blogs and delving into the lives of the teenage-masses. A message to these said 'Moms' if you so wish to continue on that handle:

Hi, how are you. This is a blog.

A message to those who are outraged by this fact: If you're scared of your parents finding your blog, then get the fuck of the 'net. If you don't mean what you post, don't post in the first place. If you mean what you post, then you should have no problem whatsoever standing behind those claims and belifes in so inquired by your parents.

You know? So 'rents, if you're here, then you have way to much damn time on your hands. Go read a book, or paint a picture, or do something constructive, instead of prying into business not your own. Kids: don't give them [your parents] a leg to stand on; say what you please and stand behind it.

On a lighter note, the other day, I'm not sure which one, me and Ethan were supposed to go see the 'Russel Crowe On A Boat' movie; who's title I refuse to recite, because it's to damn long. Anyway, we were supposed to see it with Paula and Kate, but somehow we missed them and they went into the theater. Me and Ethan being the manly men that we are decided that it would be below us to risk buying tickets, and Kate and Paula not being in there, and having to see the Russle Crowe On A Boat movie all by our manly-selves. Ya know?

So instead we milled around wardparkway for almost 3 fucking hours. Ward Parkway is big, but 3 hours is a long, long time. During this eternity I realized why the hell everyone knows who Ethan is. Everyone remembers him even if they only met him once. The reason being, he makes a god damn spectacle of himself anywhere he goes. Not that this is a bad thing really, but its just an observation. Think about it next time you run into the kid, you'll see I'm right.

By the time the era of tribulation had ended, I had gotten a CD, and Ethan a book, and like 3 pounds of candy, plus novelty Japanese snackfood called 'Pocky'. The irony of the situation being, that A. Kate and Paula didn't actually stand us up, we, in effect, stood them up, and to a movie that was a lot more 'manly' as Kate so elequently put it, than was expected. 'It was all about war and fighting and blood' Paula said. Some will tell you that life is a bitch. No, she's not. But irony... now there's one bad mother who just never passes up an opportunity to screw you over.

That night got even better though. I came home and got wired on a can of coke. Never a good idea. I decided to edge off my nerves by taping 'El Mariachi' and eating ramen. and pizza. and chips. I'm going to continue nutritionally abusing my body until it reacts, which it has yet to do. Anyhow, I fell asleep at the end. So in order to fix this, I decide that at TWO THIRTY in the morning I'll watch another fine film. Sum of All Fears with my favorite guy, Ben Uhf-leck. Who is now Ben Afflec. He's redeemed himself via this moive, and possibly Paycheck as well. He actuall works well in his role for once [suprise, I know] and he just worked and really made the movie awesome. So its about 4 am now. I go upstairs, listen to some CDs while staring at the wall. I watch the sun come up...

It was very cool. Then I finally fell asleep [at 5 am] on the floor. Woke back up at 11 AM. Get cleaned up and dressed, then I had thanksgiving. To any of you who were at that event, I think I have justified my behavior.

Wow. This entry got really big really fast. I still have material, but we'll leave it in the text document for next time.

Someday, Cowboy, there'll be a time with no morons...
And it will be called 'Armageddon'

Replies: 5 Buddies Neglected Their Oral Hygiene

And I've been left in the dust of your extra fast. no super, no, hyper, no, ridiculous, no, ... LUDACRIS SPEED! GO!

TEN points to anyone who knows what that's from.

Posted by sean @ 12/05/2003 10:55 PM CST

agreed. yes my xanga is a waste of space. admitted. shoot me. shoot all of us. the 'russel crowe on a boat' movie was decent you should see it. and if you ask the old guys next to me I was stood up. "JERK!"

Posted by kate @ 12/02/2003 09:31 PM CST

oh yeah...pockys not that good. you should try the fruit gummys. they come in the funny wrappers like "kasugais strawberry gummy is made with fresh strawberry juice. please have a fun time with this strawberry gummy"

Posted by r-unit @ 12/02/2003 07:16 AM CST

i have more hatred for deadjournal. it was okay when no one used it, then it got popular and they started making everything fit the "dead" motif. now its just dumb. and it makes me sad, it really does, because xanga doesnt have those mood icons and i liked those.
now it seems blogs are taking over real conversaion, and thats bugging the hell out of me.

Posted by r-unit @ 12/02/2003 07:15 AM CST

hey, you know that same night you stayed up til five, i stayed up til 6:30, because i got wired too! but i didn't see the sun come up... maybe it's the forest around my house. obstructs vision.

i think i'm the culprit of the link deal. well, not completely. i did the "Go HERE and laugh your ass off" thing. it's not like tried to hide the link or whatever. it was clearly shown. i feel better.

by the way, your rant reminded me of that really moronic girl. after you left your radiskull "you're an idiot, get off the net" comment, she asked who you were. leave it to me to answer, "he's cool. insanely cool. so cool....he has the right to be called RADISKULL!"

i think we should vote her off the blogging island.


Posted by Allegra @ 12/02/2003 12:56 AM CST