Robert Smith Does It Again

Posted in Music on October 31st, 2011 by Tom

Say what you will about Cure frontman Robert Smith (IE: he was really, really goofy in The Love Cats video), but he seems to be carving out a fantastic little niche for himself.

The gimmick is simple: up-and-coming artist with an electronic bent lets Robert Smith do their vocals.

This worked out beautifully with last year’s re-imagining of Crystal Castle’s ‘Not In Love’, and once again on his recent collaboration with The Japanese Popstars.

‘Take Forever (ft. Robert Smith)’
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Clocking in at just under 6 minutes, the song almost ends at the halfway point, but The Japanese Popstars and Smith obviously knew what they had was good, and they wisely reboot the song for a second go-’round.

The synth is in places soaring, in others subdued. The guitar lines also make a subtle but ever-present contribution to the work as well. The lyric “yeah you know / tonight will end / it always does” is glibly insightful, and fits perfectly with Smith’s crowing despair-infused lyrics.

‘Take Forever’ is a solid track, and if Smith and his contemporaries can keep this up it’s good news for everyone. I’m glad he’s shied away from a full album, because I think when stretched to LP length the effect might be diluted. It’s more fun to get a concentrated dose of Smith’s brand of brooding infused with some new musical ideas every couple of months.

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Not In Love (ft. Robert Smith)

Posted in Music on October 26th, 2010 by Tom

So file this one under the strange-but-true category… Pitchfork reported yesterday that Robert Smith of The Cure fame had teamed up with Crystal Castles to rework their track ‘Not In Love‘. You can hear the original on my writeup of Crystal Castles, but below is the new cut with Smith’s vocals.

‘Not In Love (ft. Robert Smith)’
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I’m really sortof weirded out by how much I like this. I enjoyed the original version quite a bit, but it does add something when you can tell what the words are, and Smith really does the tune justice.

The single is out December 6, which will feature the above song as an added bonus.
For the original: Crystal Castles – ‘Not In Love’.

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