Paranoid Android

I was poking around on Google Video to kill some time (believe me, I had no trouble doing that) and I came across something sort of interesting. I should preface this by saying I’m typically not a conspiracy theorist, nor an alarmist. I don’t like it when people run around making wild claims that are substanciated with little or no fact.

This is no such instance.

Loose Change 911 [Second Edition] is a very in-depth investigation that aims to debunk the official government story about what happened on September 11th, 2001. It clocks in at just over 1 hour, 20 minutes. When I started watching it I thought it would drag on and on and I wouldn’t make it to the end.

Again, this was no such instance.

It’s edited very well, and albeit the quality suffers, given the length, the images are still quite convincing. It didn’t have me up in arms against the federal government, and I didn’t buy into the entirety of their final conclusion, but it did get me thinking. Not just thinking, but doubting.

This administration has given us every reason to distrust them, and I don’t think it’s entirely unreasonable to do so. I reccommend that you check out the film at the above link. Watch it for 15 minutes, and if you think it’s cock and bull, stop. However, if after those 15 minutes, you’ve still got questions, watch on.

I’m worried still.
About a lot of things.


  1. i haven’t watched it (who the hell has an hour? damnit, there’s too much shopping to do!), but is this the "it was actually a missile that hit the pentagon" stuff?

  2. first we graduate.
    then we vote.
    next, we all move.
    THEN you get a new blog.

    i cannot take this instability anymore, tom.

    ps: where the bloody hell have you been all summer?

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