I’m finally here! Truman is awesome.
Hank and I moved in on Sunday, with little to no trouble. Centennial Hall is awesome; we don’t have to leave even to eat! Our suite-mate is the RA, Dan Johnson, and he’s cool. Quiet, but very nice. The way ‘Truman Week’ is structured is sort of annoying though. They jam-pack our activites so we have little pockets of 20 minutes to take it easy and then we’re off to do some other innane/mildly-amusing activity. Needless to say it’s hard to get some down time. (Hence, posting at 12:30)

Today I made a new friend, and his name’s Ian. We have the same physics seminar, with Professor Sami (SAM-ee); however, he’s in calc-III, whereas I’m only in calc-II. Sensing this challenge to my mathematical-masculinity, I promptly congradulated him and proceeded to not care. We toiled through the ‘scavenger hunt’, which killed time and sapped energy, but at least we got to know eachother. Then was ‘convocation’. That was long and hot, but the keynote speaker had a really clever interpretation of the Adam and Eve story, so it wasn’t a total waste.

I also met up with Desmond (who I met at the KC sendoff) and his roommate Jeffrey. We eat meals with them usually, and both are pleasantly clever and smart.

Later on this evening Hank and I declined to go to ‘Montage’, a dance showcase, and stayed home and watched House. Or rather I watched House. Hank had to fill out the never-ending survey I took earlier in the day. To make up for our truancy though, we attended both the ‘Club Miami Dance Party’ and the ‘K-Vegas Casino Night’. After Ian, Hank, Lizz, and I had all blown our money at the poker table we headed back up to the Batcave (our room) and watched another episode of House.

In a nutshell, college is totally sweet. I’m really excited to be here. Tomorrow (today, I suppose, considering the time) we’re watching a video about Richard Feynman; only my favorite physicist EVER. I read his book. In it there was no hard science, but instead amusing anecdotes and funny stories about odd situations he’d lived through.

Oh, how I wish I could major in “life experiences”.


  1. We all have the same book though, no matter what level you’re in! Which gives me a false sense of confidence in my math skills

    I’m probably screwed.

  2. I randomly came to this site by clicking the wrong thing in my address thinge…i was greeted with the phrase
    "every thug needs a panda"
    Tom hogan you are my hero.

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