Do You Realize?

I was just poking around on Wikipedia, and I found one of the most interesting images. It’s a map of the United States divided politically, where the color of the state represents the ratio of democratic to republican representatives in the 109th Congress.

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Noteable states of interest include:

Arkansas, West Virginia, North Dakota, & South Dakota: Surprisingly democratic, when viewed against their presidential track record.

Minnesota and Mississippi: Right in the middle, though you’d expect them to both be at opposite ends.

Delaware: What the crap. You’re supposed to be blue. It’s your job as a member of the ‘New England Club’, which New Hampshire has just been kicked out of.

Anyway, I thought it was sort of interesting. If not colorful.


  1. they’re too busy eating cheese. Delicious cheese. The people of Vermont will not apologize for their delicious cheese.

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