I haven’t posted in a week because I’ve been studying for the two huge tests I had yesterday. Calc II at 8:30 and Physics at 1:30. It was not cool. The good news is I got my Calc test back and I got a B! That’s all I want is a B and I got it.

It’s pretty much the first good thing that’s come from this class in the month I’ve been here. In any case, I hope physics goes as well.

My toys came in the mail this past week. I ordered two Evangelion figures that have an insane amount of articulation, and the come with a lot of neat weapons and stuff too. I ordered a third one to reward myself for busting my ass this week and doing as well as I could on my tests. I don’t know if that’s a good thing to do or not, but I don’t care. I have a ton of homework to get done over the weekend too, but I’m content to ignore it in light of the week I just had.

I also don’t care that I’m 18 years old and still literally play with the action figures. I also miss my legos a LOT. College sucks in plenty of ways, but most noteable is its lack of toys.

Another thing that annoys me is that FOX doesn’t come in very well on the school’s cable. Every tuesday we tune in to watch House (and by ‘we tune in’ I mean ‘Ian tapes it for me becuase I’ve got some stupid thing to go to’) and it looks all fuzzy and unclear most of the time. Which is sad, because that show’s filmed really well.

Speaking of TV, I also missed the McCaskill/Talent debate. Did anyone see/hear what happened? That reminds me of a great story my mom told me about something that happened right by my house (71st and Ward Parkway):

My 6th grade teacher had a big ol’ Jim Talent sign in front of her house up really early, I assume because she had it from the last time he ran. Anyway, someone sole the middle two panels so you could just see these two blue stripes; all the words were gone.

So they got another one. And someone stole the entire thing. Next the put up a sign that said ‘Hey Claire, We Want Our Signs Back’. I figured that it would just stay up there and be awkward for the rest the of campaign. But no. Someone broke that sign in half, and another person STOLE HALF OF IT!

I love my neighborhood.


  1. I ordered myself my favorite book in hardback as a reward, so don’t feel bad.
    Also: are you going home for homecoming?

  2. Update: They figured out the cable thing. Apparently the network stations come in on antenna feed, and that gets all scramble-interrupted when the groundskeepers use their short-wave walkie-talkies!

    They will fix it soon and House will be non-fuzzy. I’m excited.

  3. so, tom.
    i found a poster on my elevator this morning…
    and i thought of you.
    apparently, some club is showing the first 5 episodes of that Gundam Wing thing on a 40 ft screen with surround sound and its digitally remastered and shit.
    so there.

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