New Slang

I’m supposed to be studying for a Chemistry quiz I have tomorrow.
I needed to find out about the ‘d-block’ of elements. Wikipedia was a bad choice.
I then learned that D-Block is a group of rappers, who happen to be ‘beefing’ (as homoerotic as that may sound, it’s a real term) with adversarial rapper ‘Lloyd Banks’. In the process of aforementioned ‘beefing’, Banks’s new album was leaked on the internet.

“The Big Withdraw” has several humorous tracks listed, my favorite of which is:

Track No. 14: “You’s a Hoe (Interlude)”
The clash of a thug culture and a Latin term circa 1303 made me literally laugh out loud.

Another fun one-

Track No. 10: “Turnin’ U into a Customer”
I can only imagine this is a sortof ballad/anthem about 7/11. and/or prostitution. It could be either.

For the complete (albeit profane) tracklisting, [head here].
For a definition of ‘beefing’, if you insist… [look no further].

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