William Shatner Performs Palin’s ‘Farewell’

Not a whole lot to say about this, except it’s awesome, and you should watch it.

I feel like this is a good note upon which to end the most prolific month in blogging Schrödinger’s Blog has ever seen! Thanks for reading. I will do my utmost to keep it up!

[NOTE: I did check NBC’s website for the official upload of this clip, but couldn’t track it down! EDIT: After NBC sniped the YouTube video, I was able to track down the official one. Which does look better, to their credit.]

[DOUBLE NOTE: (9.10.10) I keep losing this video because NBC is kinda fickle on what videos can stay up, below is a clip of the Tonight Show on MSNBC, introed by Howard Dean, which I think makes up for the slight degradation in video quality!]