Three Years Down

[Saying that takes me back to my Brak Blog days!]

We’ve come a long way since the inaugural of Schrödinger’s. This year’s birthday is especially salient given the recent and drastic changes the blog has witnessed. We are now what I’ve long understood to be a “real blog.” The content has a focus, and audience, which is more than I could ever say on its behalf before. Almost on a whim, I decided to throw off the final trappings what this blog used to be and morph it into a more ideal aggregation of news, music, and general commentary on life.

I did a little history-searching, and found the original blog: Braker. Oh man, just reading this, oh my god! I talk about pointing a gun at my driver’s ed instructor of all people?! The dude just wanted to teach me to drive! Where did I get off, I don’t know. Those early stages were rough though. I had no idea what I was doing, and blogging was a really new medium. Next up is The Brak Blog. Here I tried to tighten the screws a bit, and got accustomed to a paid hosting system as opposed to the free services. The funny thing is, in talking about “what worked” in my retrospective on Brak Blog, we have abandoned almost everything that was successful about that format. Schrödinger’s has been an extension of that, but slowly it has progressed and transformed in increments to achieve its current form.

Finally forsaking the song titles, I think, is what did it. Instead of placing undue emphasis on needing to write an entry that fit the song I wanted to share with people, I just started writing a music blog. Which I should have done a long, long time ago. By parsing that with the intermediate rant on politics and my nerd forays about anime or Firefox, I think the blog has finally reached a good equilibrium. I know this because posting rate has skyrocketed. Not just quantity, but quality too has gone up with more to talk about than meandering anecdotes. These changes have increased our visibility, and in turn we have people checking back more often, reading more posts, and even commenting sometimes!

This is all very exciting, and I’m going to continue pursuing this idea of a “real blog” with conviction. I stood by idly in high school as the blog format evolved around me, content to just do with it what I wanted, and continued to ignore that trend well through this current effort. But I’m tired of the damn thing just being a vehicle for stories that aren’t that funny to begin with, and really just became amalgamations of stuff I did. That’s not interesting in a general sense. Commentary on music, politics, and technology, however, has an audience.

The true test will be if I can keep this up during school. This summer is encouraging though. Even if post rate drops to half its present frequency, that’s still multiple posts a week, something that would have once seemed impossible. WordPress makes a lot of this possible, with stuff being so easy to add to posts, move around, and include multimedia aspects. Things have changed here at Schrödinger’s. I think for the better.

Thus, I just thought you should know you’re looking at Schrödinger’s Blog: 3.0. I’ll continue to get the site acclimated to the new changes, and I still have a few layout tweaks in store. In a few months, I’m going to submit to Hype, which I’ve said before is a big goal of mine, that also would serve as a good motivating factor to keep it up.

All this has got me thinking about what I’m going to do in another year. The Brak Blog was always a four-year-mission, but I left this current project a little ambiguous. Another change, or should we stick it out? We’d certainly be in the market for an overhaul, either way. But that’s a ways off, yet.

For now: Happy Birthday, dear blog.
It’s fitting that we should celebrate your growth in content as well as years on the same day.

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  1. Happy birthday blog. And Tom, someone finally explained the whole Schrodinger cat-box thing to me. But why a cat? Why not an opossum? Or another more undesirable creature?

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