Jenny’s Blog (from Moscow!)

I just wanted to take a quick second here to lend a shout-out to a close friend of mine, Jenny Jalack, and her blog! It sortof embarrasses me to see her flowing, insightful prose crop up every few days on her blog, The Global Flapjack, when all I can do here is give you periodic tidbits of new music and political rantings.

The pictures really help, and its a blog worth reading for the style alone. That aside, the content for the next few months will be especially fascinating as Jenny acclimates to living in Moscow, Russia, of all places!

Check it out.
I highly recommend.

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  1. Tom! I’m truly flattered. No wonder my view count spiked about a week ago. I’m glad you’re enjoying it; I’ll do my best to keep it up. Yesterday was Moscow’s birthday, so I have quite the event to write about…And your blog’s still great.

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