Mailbag: Volume 1, Galapaghost

AUTHOR’S NOTE: From time to time, I get e-mails from artists suggesting that I might be interested in their music. The “mailbag” is my attempt to give back by showcasing the talent of those emerging artists whose work I genuinely enjoyed.

Casey Chandler is Galapaghost, a one-man act (at the moment) with a wide array of influences who truly does them justice. The handful of tracks I listened to were quiet and subdued, perfect for maintaining the emotional connection that really proves integral to experiencing Chandler’s music.

For just one person the music has a pleasantly surprising amount of depth to it. It’s exciting to think of what Chandler could accomplish with a few bandmates to add to an already rich sound.

My favorite Galapaghost track was ‘Runnin’‘. The conflict within the narrative of the lyrics seemed honest, and the chorus has just enough of a beat to get my head bobbing in time to the tune.

      Runnin' - Galapaghost

Like any respectable band Galapaghost has a mySpace page. If you’re interested in additional tracks besides ‘Runnin”, that’s just the title track of the full album of the same name.

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