Anna Calvi’s ‘Desire’

So it is Valentine’s Day, and I thought it might be just the slightest bit fitting to post this song today.

I came across it earlier this week in a preview for PBS’s Masterpiece Classic version of Great Expectations:

Ed. Note (09/02/17):
PBS has since pulled this preview, which is a shame; it was pretty great!

And while I don’t remember a great deal about the details of that story (I read it what… 7 years ago?!), this preview made me kindof excited for the adaptation. More than that, though, the song really caught my ear. It’s the thunderous standout on last year’s self-titled Anna Calvi.

      Desire - Anna Calvi

I really, really enjoyed the track. The rest of the album fares well enough, though still pales in comparison.

Additionally, consider this my official “back in the saddle” post as far as 2012 music is concerned. January didn’t really see all that many interesting releases (for me, anyways), but I’ve finally gotten some decent stuff in the ol’ queue for listening, and it will only get better in the coming months. I shall report back when I have heard something of note.

Anna Calvi – Anna Calvi