This morning I had Mathematica Lab for my Calc III course. We basically draw fancy graphs on the computer using math. It’s not half bad.

Today’s exercise was creating tangent planes. It basically means that if you’ve got some round thing, the tangent plane is the plane that extends from a single touching point outwards. Basically, it supposed to sit right on top of whatever round curvy shape you’ve created.

The operative word being supposed. Mine sliced straight through my round thing, like a knife dicing some type of vegetable I would most likely not eat. It was amusing… in a depressing sort of way.

In the depressing vein, how about that weather. “Bleak” doesn’t even to describe. Carol informs me that Springfield, MO. is a very cold, very icy, wasteland/warzone. Which sounds pretty cool. They got of school, so it could be a cold icy nuclear holocaust for all I’m concerned; they get to sleep in.

Last night they shut off the heat in Centennial Hall because it was broken and needed fixing. Earlier in the evening, Lizz had said how awful it would be without hot water. Ian and I preceded to inform her that the central heating radiators and water heater were set up on separate systems, so that wouldn’t be a problem.

As I would soon find out, Ian and I are occasionally quite mistaken. It was 12:15 AM, and the room was getting so cold I couldn’t use my hands to type anymore. So I started up my electric blanket to preheat my bed, and went to go take a quick shower. I jumped in, unsuspecting, and it was frigid. Thank god the blood in my veins was freezing; had that not distracted me, I may have died from the pure poetic justice I’d just been served, straight from the shower head.

[In hindsight, the school is heated by radiators, which have hot water run through them and dissipate the heat run from the water; if that wouldn’t work, I’ve no clue why we assumed the regular water would be OK…]

Fastest shower I’ve ever taken. I couldn’t have been in there for more than 2 minutes.
Which then begs the question of how much good it actually did me.

In any case, the bed was warm, which made me happy.
Then followed the Mathematica Lab the next morning, so now you’re up to speed.


  1. Ha!!! I was right. This is wonderful and good. you were sooo sure that the water wouldn’t be affected.

    Ha Ha Ha.

  2. Wow, cool site. I was checking out the member listing for the forums (is that too vain?) and ran across your blog.

    I thought I was pretty with it as a kid, but man, seeing what you were doing in high school makes me realize how much time I wasted. I’m jealous.

    Anyway, nice blog, I am still chugging through twilight princess at 56+ hours, just finished the Pit of Trials (or whatever), that thing sucked.

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