Have You Ever Seen the Rain?

Here I am in the lobby of Centennial, tip-typing away on the ol’ MacTopPro.

Today its little raincoat came in the mail, and I’m trying to get used to it.
When I say ‘raincoat’, I mean [this].

It’s pretty cool. I like the idea that my keyboard is now impervious to liquid spills, not to mention small dust particles and other sticky or invasive substances.

Plus it’s black:

Which gives me a sort of sense of individuality, making this not just ‘another MacBook’.
Now, it has truly become, the

An additional fun fact: An emergency meeting of student senate is scheduled for 9:30 PM tomorrow. How exciting!


  1. that IS exciting!

    today i saw a guy in the dark, and he walked like you, and i thought it was you b/c it was dark.
    and i got excited.
    but then i was sad.
    b/c it wasn’t you.


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