Set Yourself on Fire

I went home last weekend. It was superb.
Got to see Laura and Nancy, which was great. I’m realizing more and more that I don’t miss high school so much as I really miss the people I knew then. We talked at length on the topic of how college is really different, which is kindof a “duh” thing, but even still, it was just nice. My problem right now is that, on the whole, I only feel really tangently connected to the majority of my friends at college, and that sort of loose association scares me.

As a result, I find myself wanting to go home more and more. I feel like I understand a lot better now why people get more excited about family stuff as they get older.  It reminds me of this one line from that stupid song that was popular a while ago. Remember the Sunscreen Song? On its own merit, it’s a little trite. I don’t deny that. One part of it really resonated with me though:

…understand that friends come and go / but with a precious few you should hold on / Work hard to bridge the gaps in geography and lifestyle, because the older you get / the more you need the people who knew you when you were young.

I guess I’ve just been feeling like that a lot lately.

Another rather emotive episode this week was when I saw Das Leben der Anderen (German: The Lives of Others). It was a really spectacular movie about the the crazy degree to which people were under surveillance in Germany in the 1980’s. It’s very sad at parts, but others were really funny. If you really are in the mood for something different, give it a shot. It just came out on video in August, and won an Academy award, so most rental places should have it.

I was also in the school newspaper for the aforementioned Board of Governors interview process. I get to go meet the governor some time at the end of the year, which is pretty exciting, but also a little nerve wracking. I’ll keep you posted.

A rather fun tid-bit, Centennial Hall Room 354 now has an online virtual tour!
And by that I mean I took some pictures with Lizz’s digital camera.

  • Our Door – I took these at such a resolution that I believe you can read most of the Cat Macros and some of the comics. [I get people walking by randomly at like… 2 AM who will stop and read the entire door]
  • “The Stack” – I like to call this “the stack” because it sounds technical and impressive. It’s just the stand that the TV and video games live on.
  • My Half of the Room
  • My Desk – That’s the new Eva that came in the mail. He’s pretty badass.
  • Where the Magic Happens – Need I say More?

So I think that’s what’s up. I’m going to resolve myself to blog more. Especially because I just got the bill for the site. Heh. Yeah. I think that’s it.

Oh! For the interested:
I’ll be home Oct. 20-21, 27-28 as well as Nov. 24-25 and my Christmas Break starts Dec. 14.


  1. Hey, Policy and Standards Board is a panel within Pi Phi that basically hands out punishments for people who break the rules. We also have the ability to change the policies in Pi Phi and within our chapter. I don’t know it seems kind of like a lame thing to want to be part of, but it’s something I thought I would be good at doing in a really balanced way so I applied and got the position! woo.

    it was good to see you too.

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