Romeo and Juliet

      Romeo And Juliet - The Killers

So today (two hours ago) was Valentine’s Day!

I’ve got to say that I’m still kinda sad that people keep hatin’ on the ol’ Valentine’s Day.
They’re all walking around, complaining about stupid “Singles Awareness Day”, getting their bitter on.

Even as someone who spends a whole, whole lot of time being bitter, I can’t get behind this assault on the holiday. A lot of people claim to have real reasons to hate it: they got dumped near or on Valentine’s Day, or just at all. But it’s so silly when you think about it by the numbers.

Say your had a two-year relationship:

Bad Days:
Getting Dumped (1)
Big Fights (10)
Pregnancy Scare (2)

Good Days:
First Hand-Holding (1)
First Kiss (1)
Everything Else ([365*2]-15=715)

So you’re going to get all rilled up and angry over 1.9% of your relationship? Yeeeeesh.

I’ve said it like… a thousand times: Any excuse people have to give each other confectionery food and other miscellany, and just be nice for the pure sake of being nice is OK by me, regardless of how my own personal romantic stuff is panning out.

Sorry to say it kids, but I’m going to Keep Posting This every Valentine’s Day until people stop being butts about it.
There’s plenty of things to be angered and outraged about in this world today.

Valentine’s Day is NOT one of them.

That said, I had a pretty terrible Valentine’s Day.
Between Thursday being my super-busiest day of the week, and having an absolutely KILLER test in Modern Physics to work on all damn day, and hardly seeing Lizz for more than half an hour… eh.

It just wasn’t really working.
However, today should be much better.

And really, what more can you ask for?


  1. I have anti-spam stuff installed because this site gets about 100+ spam comments per day.
    Which sucks.

    The version is a cover by the Killers. I’d never heard the song before, and so I’m curious to hear the original. You know it?

  2. Yeah, the original was by Dire Straits, who have an enormous body of songs featuring noodling guitar solos perfect for soft-rock stations. The other thing they did that you’d probably know would be “Money For Nothing,” which had the tron-esque music video and the “I want my MTV” fadeout thing.

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