California - Phantom Planet

Just a little update as to what’s going on in general.

My family sent me The O.C. on DVD for Valentine’s Day.
Which was way, way out of the blue, and really surprised me. Just wasn’t expecting it.

But as I re-watch it again, I can’t help myself! I love that show. It’s such an excess of hokey drama-mongering and I know that, and by all rights I shouldn’t even like it. You would be hard pressed to find something more contrived, honestly.

But it makes me laugh and smile and get all sad inside, and you can’t deny yourself something that does that for you. So few things in life really allow you to emote, and as embarrassing of an interest as this may be, I guess I’m just willing to stick it out.

So that was my silly little revelation for the week (and also the source of this weeks song; it’s stuck in my head all the time, and I want others to suffer as I have suffered).

In other news, I want to extend a HUGE congratulations to Paula! She’s the best! Out of about 600 candidates for what I’m sure was a very competitive internship, she came in second. It’s sad that she couldn’t win and get first, but I’m still super proud of Paula! [Please at least check out her video submission]

While you’re YouTubing, check out this little gem:

I really think that’s about it for right now.
Just a little of what’s going on.

It snows a few times a week here in Kirksville, and I miss the sun.
Though I have successfully conditioned myself to not need a coat, which is pretty cool.


  1. That was the most ridiculous youtube video I’ve ever seen.

    My weakness is Dawson’s Creek. I’ve recently hooked my roommate into loving it too. (Because you like the OC… you can’t make fun of me for my love of Dawson’s Creek. They are both equally as horrible and full of teenage-angst.)

    ps. I love phantom planet.

  2. you should post some more, so that people in the senate office who are bored could have something to do instead of study for tests that my or may not be the death of them. (mostly may)

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