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      The Bleeding Heart Show - The New Pornographers

Hope everyone’s lives have been going well. Mine’s been OK.

I actually had a pretty cool Leap Day. I always wanted to make sure and do something special on Leap Day, because it only comes around every four years… I feel like I should make the most of it. This year, I was inducted into Sigma Pi Sigma, the physics honor society. Since I’ll probably be a member of that for some time to come, I thought it was slick that my “induction date” was 2.29.2008. Leap Day Mission: Accomplished.

Sunday night Ian and I were up really, really late doing physics work. After he went to bed, I kept at it, and then had some Chemistry to tackle. I was up until 5 AM, which was a first even for me. Luckily, since I’ve been back home, I’m recharging on sleep, which has been terrific.

In other news, I’m getting really frustrated with my coursework. I know the semester is only halfway over, but this has just not been a very engaging one for me. Chemistry is tedious and frustrating, I’m tired of German, Math, as always, is a really brutal struggle, and both physics classes I’m in are really, really abstract. So in addition to being spent… I’m finding it really hard to even think about going back, much less trying to get work done over break.

But that is, in fact, what I’m about to go attempt to do, so wish me luck.

Heute Auf Deutsch:

“Wenn ich ‘USA’ höre, denke ich an Wolkenkratzer und Gettos, an den Grand Canyon und die Rocky mountains und natürlich an Iowa.”
[Translation: “When I hear ‘USA’, I think of skyscrapers and ghettos, the Grand Canyon and the Rocky Mountains, and Iowa, naturally.”]

And how about those primaries?
How about I’m getting really sick of them.

I’d still rather have Hillary win, but I don’t think she can pull it out at this point. I’m getting sick of dreading every single caucus because we know Obama will win them, and I’m also getting tired of holding my breath through every single primary. It’s just old at this point. I’m resigned to ol’ Barrack winning, and I just want to focus on the general election now.

There’s no real good way to differentiate between the two, which makes all this drama over which is better incredibly silly. They’re both terrific, and one of them seems to have a bit more traction, so why fight it?

I dunno. I also have no clue as to why I’ve been sucking it really badly at StarCraft lately. No idea.

My house is being replumbed. It’s loud.

On a final note, my webservice got bumped up to a WAY nicer package for free! We now have what I believe is 350 GB of space… which is 3.5 times larger than my entire harddisk. So! I no longer have any reservations about posting excessive amounts of music and video.

We also may be hosting Paula’s website soon, which will be fun as well!

I like how this went from an entry about nothing to an entry about EVERYTHING.
(Sorry for my lack of coherence, I’m typing this at like… 11 AM, and I’m normally not up that early. At least not in the past few days.)

P.S.: I heard today’s song in a TV commercial the other day. It was kinda surreal.


  1. Actually, I really hope Obama wins. After 8 years of Bush, I could use a president whose voice doesn’t make me cringe. Personal reasons why I don’t like Hillary aside, I really don’t like the idea of political dynasties in the US. If she is elected, do you realize that we will have about a year of Reagan under our belts, but the 20 years after that will be George HW Bush, Bill Clinton, George W Bush, Hillary Clinton?

  2. ehhh. I dunno.
    I understand your reservations on the dynasty thing, but if that’s the only thing you have against her, I can’t really see that as a huge detriment to her merits as a candidate.

    However, that’s a perfectly legit reason to pref. Obama over her.

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