Apocolypse Please (HvZ-2)

      Apocalypse Please - Muse

Things are bad.
I mean… they were always bad, but now they’re worse.

Briefly, here are the updates in terms of missions:


The scientist were attempting to identify what was inside of those syringes what we procured from the first mission. It seems to be some type of biological weapon or cure for the infection, but they weren’t sure. They needed samples of live… or nearest to it, undead flesh and DNA to test it on. It was our job to procure this for them.

We managed to locate three particular zombies and subdued them to get the biological materials needed. The humans were ecstatic after this mission. It went nearly perfectly: we quickly found the zombies, got what we needed, and got out of there before any real losses were sustained.


The next day, we received word that a general in charge of a large cache of weapons was willing to aid our cause with automatic weapons… if we could get to him. We knew he was in Violette, and that there was a concentration of the Undead somewhere between Ophelia Parish and Baldwin. So we went around. The long way around. This was, I believe, the biggest concentration of Humans in a single place. We were at our strongest at that moment.

Once we reached the facility, the general informed us that he didn’t have access to the weapons, and that the man who had the key card had gone out on patrol, and not reported in for more than an hour. It then became our job to retrieve him, and hopefully our salvation in the guide of automatics. The battle eventually went down on the field next to Pershing.

A Human contingent went straight in, attempting to scatter the horde. They were more or less successful, but there was a lot of confusion. I remained with the rear guard, covering the hoped return path back through Pershing. Eventually though, it became apparent that the remainder of the humans across the street needed help. I asked a small portion of the rear guard to come with me and we sprinted out to help.

I think merely by our additional presence we caused enough confusion to allow one of our own to stun the zombified military officer, and get his card. Follow this, we all bolted. We were confused, and no one was taking charge. The mission was proceeded as planned, but all semblance of organization had been lost. People stuck in small groups and took multiple return routes back to the military installation.

The source of, more or less, all this disarray was that we’d lost John Mohr in the fray. People couldn’t believe it. We returned back to the base, and got the weapons we needed. Then, suddenly, everyone turned and saw from the steps of Violette none other than John Mohr sprinted back to us. He triumphantly raised his right arm and pointed to the bandanna still present on it, and we all broke out in a roar of excitement. He had cheated death to return to us.

I returned to Dobson, as opposed to my typical C-Hall, in order to do the Radio Program. Upon reaching the station though, I realized two things: I hadn’t started the recording, and I didn’t have my iPod cord. This was very, very bad. I’d already missed the convoy to the West Side, and so I was going to have to go it alone.

I made it to Magruder, skirting the edge of Violette, just fine. Upon arriving there though, I quickly realized that I was in trouble. Zombies were guarding all the exits I needed. I was trapped in there with a fellow comrade, Matt Butler. He needed to make it to McClain and get his bike, which was about as bad as me needing to get to C-Hall and BACK across campus to Dobson.

We waited and waited. Finally, we saw our opening, and took it. Remembering the Joey Palmer Maneuver, I checked the back corner of our exit, only to find my suspicions confirmed. SNAP. I stunned the zombie, only to feel a push at my back. I was tagged.

I turned around to see my assailant. It would have been a great kill, except for one little thing. His bandanna was down. Since I’d considered him stunned, of course I’d ignored him. Matt had too. I stammered that he was still stunned. Realizing his error in play, he let me go. Matt and I took off for the SUB. By this point though, the stunned Zombies had phoned in reenforcement.

We ended up going out a back door of the SUB and scaling a small brick wall to get back to Magruder. This cat-and-mouse continued until we finally decided to chance a less-used route. It served us well. We slipped away from the entire scene unnoticed, and made it back to C-Hall. I got my equipment, and Lizz joined me to go back to Dobson. Thankfully I met no resistance on the way back.

We did the radio show, and I managed to sneak back again across campus.
It was a hell of a day.


  1. yeah, i got stupid today. that was a hell of a pickle we got ourselves out of, though. good luck against the horde – you’ll need it. WE’RE WATCHING.

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