Sound of Silence (HvZ-2)

      The Sound Of Silence - Simon & Garfunkel

It’s midway through the third day.
Today we were all over the place, which of course means danger.

I should begin by explaining who “we” is. After sleeping in an abandoned house that first night, I received am electronic notice that there was a cryogenics facility here, and that the power was failing. Others must have received it too, because I met up with a large group of humans who came to investigate like I had.

Among them are a few brave souls. Plenty of fools as well. I don’t consider myself to necessarily fall into either category. I’ve befriended a few who’ve taken up residence in the abandoned Missouri Building. We holed up on one of the higher floors, erecting barricades so as to take no chances. The company is nice. Occasionally there’s laughter, which I thought I’d forgotten how to do. Mostly though, we feel safer acting as a group. We call ourselves ‘Lewis Martin and the DyNaMo.” Some of the group hope one day our name will be known and respected among the resistance.

I’m still not entirely sure what I want out of all of this. Why am I even seeing this through? Why am I risking my life for these people… many of whom are just thrill-seeking detectives in denial about the situation? The damaged computer system here indicates that some multinational company had hopes of attempting to rebuild this area. Now it reports that most of the entire world is overrun.

The other humans are too trusting of this machine. I know that the disease reached my town, but I’m skeptical of the idea that we’re one of the last remaining cells in the world. The antics I’ve seen in the past few days do not instill a sense that this group one of the best survivalists nationwide.

In any case, I’ve begun searching for records of my brother. Once I know he was here at the time of the outbreak, I’ll have confirmed what I came to find out. After that, who can say. This afternoon we’ll make a dangerous series of journeys to investigate further. I suspect the resistance will also be active.

Yesterday they managed to get out a transmission to another confirmed cell of humans…

“Thus began our longest journey together.” ~Harper Lee