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To call anything ‘video-film’ is a gross misnomer. It’s one or the other: apples and oranges. One moves at 24 frames per second, the other 30. One is a single-exposure use, the other is re-writable. The most important difference is that film is much more expensive than video. So when Sean and I began our venture into the realm of moving pictures, we opted for video. But what we were trying to do is make films, in terms of content and composition. So I guess you really can’t call them anything but video-films.

Each video is listed below with its title and description. The direct links allow you to download the original cut of the the video. Beneath that is the embedded YouTube video(s).

Of Greeks and Gods- March 2003

In January we were commissioned by my english teacher at the time, Mrs. Benkelman, to put on a sort of play somehow related to the Odyssey. I penned a sequel, describing the venture of Telemachus, son of Odysseus, in which he seeks to defeat another threat to his homeland. We were freshman, so the acting is terrible, and my writing is even worse. Not to mention the rediculously long musical sequences. However, its important to see where we started so we can appreciate how far we’ve come.

Staring: Tom, Sean, Paula, Ethan, Kate, Lego Persons.

Crew: Tom, Sean.

[NOTE: Sean never edited this in pincale, so it’ll probably be forever doomed to the VHS tape in my closet. But honestly, you’re not missing much.]

Gundam Fight One– March 2003

During filming for Of Greeks and Gods we were waiting for Ethan to get back from play practice, thespian that he was, and we got bored. For some reason I had my action figures laying out, and so we filmed a little bit where I made really gruff military dialogue, and later put it to the theme from another Gundam TV show. The result was much better than we expected.

Staring: Tom, Action Figures.

Crew: Sean.

Diamonds and Gunfights– July 2003

Over the summer a few of us got together to run around like complete idiots in the small park/median by my house. We added the music, and the subtitles try to give it some sort of plot. Basically this was something to keep us busy.

Staring: Tom, Hank.

Crew: Sean.

WWE 446– August 2004

Another school assignment, this time from AP Chem, prompted us to make a short film explaing why lab safetey is crucial. This was known popularly as the ‘Lab Safety Video’, and it was one of our best-recieved projects, but the real title comes from the license plate we worked into as many scenes as possible for no reason at all. It’s also worth noting that we recieved an almost perfect grade for this, with the comment that we ‘lost focus occasionally’…

Staring: Sean, Tom, Kate, Hank, Phillip.

Crew: Sean, Tom.

Antarctica Blues– February 2005

Hank, Sean, and I decided to do something productive with our snow day. So we filmed a shootout in the snow, with limited dialogue as well. That evening we learned we had another snow day, and so we met again and in a remarkable showing of effort, especially for us, we edited almost the entire thing. Finishing touches soon followed, and we ended up with one of our most polished projects. Note: There is also an unedited verison available upon request.

Staring: Tom, Hank, Sean.

Crew: Sean, Hank, Tom, Erin [Catering!].

Dinner with Dick– May 2005

Junior year was the only year we had two school films, and second came at the end of the year. Our final quarter project for Mrs. D. Sullivan’s AP U.S. History class was to host a dinner party with several important historical figures. You were supposed to script the conversations that they would have, and show how their thoughts on certain key issues differed. We opted to film it, and make it funny. I got the distinct feeling that Mrs. Sullivan only gave us a good grade on this becuase 1. it was funny and 2. she felt sorry for us.

Staring: Sean, Hank, Tom, Carol, Lizz

Crew: Sean, Tom, Hank.

Star Wars Hamlet– April 2006

Our final school film, and the only movie from our senior year, this was an interesting project. It was rushed to no end, originally supposed to be a simple reading of a scene from Hamlet for Mrs. Edmonds AP Lit class, we took it about twelve steps further. At the time, I was bringing my Clonetrooper action figure to school, and while half-listening to Mrs. Edmonds banter on, the idea came to me. Everyone else seemed enthusiastic, and so we quickly set to work.

Staring: Tom, Hank, Katie, Sean, Ethan.

Crew: Sean, Katie, Carol, Tom, Ethan.

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